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Why aren’t people signing up to my event?

Oct 27, 2014 | Tips & Tricks, Vee's blog | 0 comments

why-arent-people-signing-up-to-my-event-250-imageYou’ve done your market research, you’ve built up a decent list, you’ve planned and created your event, all the marketing materials, including sussing out a decent venue, you hit the green send button and your marketing emails are going out, you’re plugging away at social media, you may even have paid for a few ads. Then you sit back and wait for sign ups to ping into your inbox.


You wait and wait. A couple of days go by and nothing has happened. No sign-ups whatsoever. You ask yourself ‘Why aren’t people signing up?’.


There’s usually 3 factors that contribute to why people don’t sign up to an event.


  1. The date/time/venue aren’t convenient
  2. The event is not appealing enough
  3. The price is too high


When you know which factor it is, you can do something about it, for instance if the date/time/venue aren’t convenient, you could change to an online style and record it. If the price is too high you can play around with the price and/or offering. If the event itself isn’t appealing, then you can tweak the copy so that the ‘what’s in it for me’ message is clearer.


But how do you know which factor it is?

Here’s a strategy that you could use when setting up events to determine which factor is putting people off from booking.


  1. I can’t make this date. Include a link in the email campaign with the option “I CAN’T MAKE IT“. You then capture people’s details who are interested but can’t make the date/venue. Depending on the numbers you could consider running a virtual event or an alternative date/venue.


  1. Be enticing. Let your email and social media campaigns talk about the benefits in a punchy attention grabbing way, but don’t give all the event information away in that communication. Have a “MORE INFORMATION” click-through button to a landing page that gives the fuller details of the event (but don’t mention price yet). This way you know where the stumbling block is along the communication channel. If the click-through rate to the landing page is low, then you need to tweak the email and social media messages. Make sure the subject title is engaging and tweak the email content so it describes the end benefit.


  1. Don’t mention the price until the purchase stage. Don’t mention price on either the email campaigns or landing page. On the landing page have a BOOK NOW click through button to the purchase page where the price is revealed. That way, you know that if people are clicking through to BOOK NOW but then don’t go on to purchase or book for your event, then you know it’s not the copy but it is the price. They either can’t afford it or don’t get the value of the event. Either lower the price, offer more within the price (what other things can you throw in to add perceived value that won’t cost you more in time or money), tweak the copy so that the benefits of attending are more compelling or if it’s a high price, consider offering instalments.


Do you like these tips?

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