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Website Revamp for Ginger Mash Services

Lucinda Mash, owner of Ginger Mash Services, wasn’t happy with her old website. It was dated, home-made looking and didn’t reflect her fun personality.

Her graphic designer produced a great looking new brand and logo and her copywriter composed the text because sometimes you’re too close to what you do to describe it well! I then ‘mashed’ the two together added a bit more of this and that and built this beautiful engaging site that speaks out to small business owners who want to get clearer on their strategies and practical help to grow their businesses.

Lucinda has a free planning tool that you can download if you visit her site.

Ginger Mash Services

Here’s what Lucinda says

Lucinda Mash of Ginger Mash“Working with you has given me an amazing website, more confidence in what I am doing and complete trust in what you were suggesting. I have also learnt you can be bold with colours etc!

You got what I was looking for and I knew you would just take it on and get it done. You also spent the time understanding what I did and didn’t like. 

I liked that you were straight forward/talking, got on with it and delivered in the timescale. Very professional and creative. You know what you are doing and are clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable and a complete joy to work with

Lucinda Mash –

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