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Online Marketing Support for Gail Morgan, Style Expert

Websites, Lead Magnets, Online Marketing

I’ve worked with Gail Morgan creating three websites (2 have online membership facilities), lead magnets, email nurture sequences, promotional online training events, online programmes and email campaigns to help her grow her style training business. She now attracts and trains image consultants from all over the world.

What Gail says…

“Vee Smith and her team help me with a lot of my online marketing activities. For a reformed technophobe like me and they’ve been able to translate my ideas into actions!

I’ve been able to grow my business and win more clients thanks to their expertise. Vee and her team are knowledgeable, efficient and have really helped me with my website, sending email newsletters and managing my digital marketing.

If you need technical support with your online marketing but don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then get in touch with Vee”

Gail Morgan

The Image Trainer, Study In Style

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