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Increase engagement for Vicky Warr

Vicky Warr of Beez Kneez wanted to get better engagement from her list. After a review of her email stats, website and offering, I was able to tweak her site, landing pages and emails so that she got more sign ups to her free offering, improved her email nurturing sequence so it flowed better and was easier for readers to buy her paid package.

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What Vicky Says…

Vicky Warr“I approached Vee because I wanted to grow my business by making better use of email marketing. With Vee’s help, I now have regular and consistent communication with my list, an improved look and feel newsletter template that reflects my brand, a cleaner list and improved open rates. I also know what are my most popular topics with my readers. Vee’s also improved my email nurture sequence response rate for my lead magnet. Her in depth review of my site has meant that my offering is now much clearer.

Vee has a very methodical proactive approach and formulates an excellent plan. Combined with her excellent customer care and attention to detail, Vee relieved a lot of the actions I needed to take to grow my business via email marketing.

Vicky Warr –The Beez Kneez, exercise and healthy eating for pregnancy and post baby

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