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E-commerce site for The Cracked Pot

Louise Coultas Pitman, owner of The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique in Ealing, London was fed up of her now dated cumbersome online shopping site. Adding new products was not easy. It didn’t have a blog, which meant she had several blogs to cater for different niche markets.

I created a new WordPress site that incorporated the online shopping facility, so that people could choose, order and pay from a huge array of beautiful flower bouquets. There’s an area to cater for her wedding flowers service, funeral flowers and seasonal promotions, all combined but organised in an easy to follow structure in one site, which meant we could close down the redundant blog sites. There’s also useful freebies so that leads are captured so we can follow up with nurturing emails to help them decide on larger purchases (e.g. wedding flower guide)

It was also important that Louise could update it herself, so included was some video guides to adding new products and changing the home page promotions.

The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

What Louise says…

Louise Coultas-Pitman - The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

“I had a website but felt stuck with it because I couldn’t update it myself. Every time I wanted a small change or addition, I had to pay the web designer to do it. It also wasn’t mobile-responsive and had no blogging facility. I had a mild knowledge of social media but really didn’t know what I was doing and I liked the idea that Vee and her team could have me up and running instantly instead of having to wait for me to make the time to learn it.

I tend to come up with 300 ideas a day and want to start working on all of them.

I can blurt out all my ideas which are then presented back to me in a more manageable structure so it’s easier for me to prioritise and pick the ideas that are actually important and are going to make me money.

The best thing was having a specialist dedicated to me. We got on really well and she got what I was trying to do and it helped that she was really interested in what I was doing. We built up a good rapport. It was as if she had got inside my head – she could almost know what I’d think and what my answers would be before she even asked me.

One of the things that I loved about working with Vee was the tutorials she sent after the initial setting up of my new website so I could do simple updates myself. I feel that, thanks to the tutorials, my knowledge of WordPress is greater now.

I enjoy working with Vee because I’m confident that she has the knowledge and knows what she’s talking about. Although my technical knowledge has increased, I also know my limitations and what I’m capable of, so if something is going to take me a while and I’m busy, then it’s a comfort to know I can just email Vee and it gets done.

My business runs smoother now and I’m not stressing about tech stuff. I no longer close off ideas because I don’t know how the tech might work. I know I can run it by Vee and she’ll have a solution to make it work.

The feedback I’ve had from my new website is brilliant – they love all the pictures and how easy it is to find things. I get a lot of interest from the wedding section of my website, where there’s a downloadable wedding guide so when people download that guide, I get their details and can follow up and help them buy their wedding flowers from me.

Working with Vee has been a positive learning experience. Not only did she and her team do stuff for me, but they taught me tech stuff and as a result I’ve got a really good website and online marketing funnel that works well.”

Louise Coultas-Pitman, The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

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