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Louise Coultas-Pitman

Louise Coultas-Pitman - The Cracked Pot Flower BoutiqueI enjoy working with Vee because I’m confident that she has the knowledge and knows what she’s talking about. My technical knowledge has increased since working with Vee, but I also know my limitations and what I’m capable of, so if something is going to take me a while and I’m busy, then it’s a comfort to know I can email Vee and it gets done.

My business runs smoother now and I’m not stressing about tech stuff. I no longer close off ideas because I don’t know how the tech might work. I know I can run it by Vee and she’ll have a solution to make it work.

Working with Vee has been a positive learning experience. Not only did she and her team do stuff for me, but they taught me tech stuff and as a result I’ve got a really good website and online marketing funnel that works well.”

Louise Coultas-Pitman, The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique