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Website Mistakes and Turn Offs | 04 | No Clear Next Step

Mar 27, 2020 | How-to-videos, insta, Vee's blog, web tips | 0 comments

This post and video is about the website mistake and turnoff of having no clear next step for your website visitors to take.

Here’s the video and transcript below.

This is the fourth of a mini video series I’ve put together to help you avoid website mistakes that turn off visitors and prospects from becoming clients and what to instead.

Mistake #4 is having no clear next step.

If it’s not clear what the site visitor must do next then they probably won’t know what to do and hit the back key.

Every page and section on the page should have a clear next step.

The next step should be what you want the person to do next. Scroll down? Click on another page? Phone, make an enquiry?

There needs to be a clear next step what you want them to do so they’re guided through your website and to the appropriate things.

Open house

It’s a bit like opening up your house and allowing visitors to just take care of themselves and look through your house.

If you were the seller, you would probably not leave them to it. You would guide them through your house, perhaps ask a few questions and point out the various features that they are interested in.

The same is actually true in your website. Guide them around the most appropriate places within your website. As the guide, you would ask them and find out more about what they’re interested in.

How to make clear next steps

For example, if you’re interested in this, then have a look at that.

If you’re an X, Y, Z, then you may be interested in A, B or C.

Make sure you make it absolutely clear what the next step is on EVERY page, whether that’s click a button, make a phone call, purchase, view another page for more information, subscribe to a freebie. Whatever it is – make it absolutely clear with a big button or text so that your eye is drawn to it.

This way you are guiding them by the hand through your site so that they get the information that they’re looking for and can make the decision whether to do business with you (or not).

If you need my help improving your website and identifying clear next steps for your potential clients, then let’s talk.

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(did you see how I did that? ;))

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