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Website Mistakes and Turn Offs | 01 | Too Much Clutter

Mar 7, 2020 | insta, Vee's blog, videos, web tips | 0 comments

Website Mistakes to Avoid

This video is about website mistake of having too much clutter and what to do about it.

I’ve put together this mini video series of website turn-offs to help you improve the experience that your website visitors have when they visit your website.

If your website is too difficult to navigate and potential clients can’t find the answers to their questions, then they click away.

These are website mistakes that may on the surface seem minor issues.

However they could be turning off your potential clients, and it’s stopping them from becoming your clients.

This is the first in the series and the website mistake I cover today is:

Website mistake #1: Having too much clutter on your home page.

When there’s too many conflicting messages, too much to look and too many headlines and images fighting for attention at then your poor website visitor doesn’t know what to look at.

It becomes too difficult to find what they originally came to look for and the result is they click away.

It’s a serious website mistake that is easy to avoid.

So, what do you do about it?

Less is more

Reduce what is on your home page. The saying “less is more” is very much true in website design.

So, make some white space, make some gaps so that it is absolutely clear what you should be looking at, so that your eye is easily drawn to it.

That main thing that your eye gets drawn to in that very first instance that someone arrives at your website should be your main message.

A succinct message that tells a person that they’re in the right place because you solve the problems that they are experiencing.

The aim of that first message is to confirm they’re in the right place and that they should carry on looking through your website.

So now take a look at your website and see if you’re guilty of making this website mistake of having too much clutter.

Hope that’s helpful.

Next Step

If you need my help with your website, then let’s talk. Pick a time in my diary that suits you. You can find my diary at

I also write about this in my blog post First Impressions Count

See you soon.



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