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This video is all about how to leverage the power of a little known tool – the birthday email.

After you’ve served your clients and they’ve gone away happy, it’s easy to forget about them as potential repeat clients. You may have considered different ways of contacting them again to see if they’re ready to buy some more of your products and services. In this video I talk about a really neat way to reconnect with past customers with a little known/used method.

sign up for a birthday email from me on your birthday

and receive a special surprise!

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Set up your own birthday email

Constant Contact is an online marketing tool that makes sending out email campaigns quick and easy. It’s a monkey-free and easy to use solution suitable for very small businesses and start-ups that can also be used to manage your events and registrations, surveys and polls and social media campaigns. It also has the birthday email feature. You can get yourself started with a 60-day free trial by clicking here.

Let’s talk

If you want help getting your email marketing systems in order, then take advantage of a free biz tech strategy call and I’ll identify at least 3 things you can do to improve what you’re already doing online.

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