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Here’s a quick and easy video tutorial about trimming selfie videos so you don’t show yourself leaning forward to hit record

The bonus is you don’t need any special software.

Creating selfie videos

If you’re creating videos for your blogs and social media, you’re probably using your smartphone or tablet. One of the annoying things about videoing yourself is that you can’t avoid filming yourself leaning forward to press the record button on and off.

There are probably hundreds of ways of editing videos, but here’s a simple way that doesn’t require any special software.

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First, simply upload your video to Youtube, then use the editing tools it provides. The trimming tool can be found under enhancements (the icon looks like a wand or a smoking cigarette). Be aware that if your video is longer than 1 hour, then ‘enhancements’ won’t be an available feature so you will need another way to trim videos of an hour or longer.

Click on the ‘trim’ button and drag the trim handles where you want the video to start and end.

trimming selfie videos

Pro Tip:

When you’re videoing yourself, give yourself a visual countdown (fingers will do it) before you get composed, smile and start speaking. Same at the end, smile, count to 3 (in your head!) before reaching forward for the ‘stop recording’ button. It’s easier to trim off a larger chunk of a couple of seconds rather than the milliseconds like I was attempting in the video.

There you  have it. A quick and simple way for trimming selfie videos.

Would love to hear how you get on or if you have alternative tips. Please Post your comments.