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Brute force attacks are when hackers mount multiple login attempts to your website. WordPress sites seem to be a target for this kind of brute force attack, much like anything popular.

You can install a good security plugin, like Wordfence. Wordfence can then be configure to lock out the IP addresses of hackers trying to log in to the backend of your site.

However, repeated and frequent login attempts do affect the speed of the server. This means your legitimate visitors will find your site slow to move around in. Your legitimate visitors are your potential customers as well as customers. If they experience your site being slow, they’re more likely to leave, which is not good at all for you.

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How to thwart a brute force attack

In this video, I show you a neat quick trick that thwarts brute force attacks by changing the URL of the login page, which means hackers can’t get to your login page in the first place to make their login attempts.

Setting up and configuring this feature in your WordPress site is a task that I can take care of as one of the tasks in my Web Tech Tasks Pack. Click on the button for more info.

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