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4-Hour Work Week - review

My holiday reading this summer included Tim Ferriss’  The Four Hour Work Week, Escape the 9-5 and live anywhere and join the New Rich.

Instead of working 30-40 years then retiring, Tim Ferriss advocates spreading the retirement period throughout your life in a series of mini-retirements lasting sometimes as long as 15 months while you’re young enough to make the most of it.

These mini-retirements could be fulfilling ambitions, changing careers, or world-wide travel. Tim assures us that this is possible even for us ordinary folk not born with silver spoons or massive hand-outs to start with. Tim’s book shows a new definition to being rich, that he calls the New Rich.

The New Rich aren’t just money wealthy. They are not just restricted to a group of people who have top level high paid jobs. Indeed, a lot of the highly paid endure long hours and can’t even consider taking time off. This is particularly true of the Americans who I think this is written primarily for. The New Rich are not only smart with their money and how to earn it in the most time efficient and effective way, they are also smart with their time.

So how’s this achieved? Using a system Tim calls DEAL , D = Definition, E=Elimination, A=Automation, L=Liberation. In that order. Unless you’re an employee, then you need to do it as DELA.

The reason this book interests me so much is that Tim advocates outsourcing to virtual assistants and this is the area I’m going to explore more in the next blog post.