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Vee works with coaches, trainers, consultants and small business owners. She enables them to leverage their time and create profitable income streams by selling their knowledge and support via online programmes and webinars.

As The Biz Tech Wiz, Vee spends her time developing and creating highly effective online solutions to manage membership websites, online learning & personal development programmes, webinars, email campaigns and social media strategies. She delivers these services with the help of the team of assistants she has personally trained in order to ensure the highest levels of service quality.

With a wealth of experience to call upon, Vee ensures that her sessions are informative, participative and fun. Vee works with individuals, companies and groups of all sizes as a consultant and trainer.



What they say“Vee spoke live at the May 2015 event in Fulham.

She delivered an excellent presentation andĀ engaged with the audience on multiple levels.

If you are looking for an award winning business speaker who is an innovative professional then I recommend you speak to Vee! “

John R Spence – ASBIRO



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