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Converting a PDF back to an editable document

You know how you can convert a Word document into a PDF? Your document then appears perfectly as you intended regardless of what system it’s viewed from. Well, what if you want to amend that PDF and you no longer have the original to edit? This post is about reversing PDFs. I show you how you can convert a PDF into a document that you can edit in Word, Excel or Powerpoint, even if you don’t have the original.

Most editing tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and their equivalents (Google Docs etc) allow you convert your beautiful document into a PDF. This PDF format also prevents recipients from editing your document. Great if you don’t want your original tampered with.

What exactly does PDF stand for?

PDF is a file format that stands for Portable Document Format and it was developed by Adobe in 1993. It bridged the gap that was becoming a problem that different platforms, (Mac, Windows) and different versions of the same program (Word, Excel) displayed your document differently, changed your formatting and could completely destroy the look of what you spent hours creating to look beautiful. Turning it into a PDF means that all your formatting and fonts are retained, regardless of what system or programme it was viewed from.

So how about the reverse?

What if you’ve lost the original document and you need to update it? It could be that someone else originally created the original document for you. Maybe it was created on another system that no longer exists. That can happen because you’ve updated your software or changed computers. What if there was an easy way to convert a PDF back to a format you could edit without having to retype or recreate the document or spreadsheet?


The PDF Converter tool does just that! It’s an online tool where you choose which format you want it in (choose from Word, Excel or Powerpoint). You upload your PDF and boom, it’s emailed to you in the editable format you chose within minutes.

And best of all, there’s no software to download AND it’s FREE!

Step by Step How-to

  1. Choose which format you want the document to be converted to
    pdf converter step 1
  2. Locate and upload your PDF file
    pdf converter step 2
  3. Enter your email
    pdf converter step 3
  4. Hit Start
    pdf converter step 4

That’s all there is to it!

The files are heavily protected for your privacy. Soon after conversion the files are rapidly deleted from their system forever. Reassuringly, the company guarantees that the documents will never be used or sold to third parties of any kind.

What if you want other formats?

The free online tool converts to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. With PDF Converter Elite 4 you can convert to other formats including Publisher, AutoCAD and image formats. There’s other features like resizing and scaling files, selecting areas within a PDF. PDF Converter Elite 4 is a paid programme. It’s a downloadable programme you buy for $99.95. The only downside? It’s only available for Windows.

There you have it. A super easy way of reversing PDFs. converts your PDF documents back to an editable format which means you can tweak, amend or update it in Word, Excel or Powerpoint.