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I’ve moved! (again)

Dec 7, 2015 | Vee's blog | 0 comments

Moving, done for you and DIY

I’ve moved! Second time in 3 months. This is the final move to our dream home! And this time we hired professional help to pack and move for us. I wanted to share with you the business lessons I learned from doing it yourself and hiring a professional to do it for you.


Packing sounds like a simple enough task. My first move in September was done by me. I decided I was the only person who could sort and pack my house. As I was moving temporarily into my partner’s house, most of my stuff was going to storage, until we moved to our final joint dream home. So I felt that whatever went into storage had to have value to me and earn its place there, after all, storage is not cheap. It was a chance to clear out the old and past clutter that had no place in my life now.

Packing took ages! It took days out of my life! I did take a lot to charity shops and the dump, so I did achieve my plan to reduce my stuff. But gosh, days out of my life! Days out of my business when I could have been winning more business, planning more business, as well as looking after clients and my team. Plus it was physically exhausting.

In retrospect, me packing myself was a false economy.

Done for you

We finally got the dates we could move into our dream home and this time we booked the removal company to also pack for us. It was an additional £400 or so and that included insurance, packing materials and two chaps to pack the day before.

The day before the move, two young chaps turned up and had the whole 3-bed house contents packed and labelled in 2 hours!

They had no emotional attachment to anything they packed. Unlike me, reminiscing as I rediscovered forgotten items that triggered past memories.

I realised that actually, in the scheme of things, it didn’t really matter whether I sorted things before or after the move. Everything was in a box so could easily be sorted after the move as we find new homes for everything and whether it deserved to be in our new home.

Moving Day

Four fit chaps turned up at 9am with an 8-tonne truck and a small Sprinter van. Everything was loaded in the truck by 11.30am. Absolutely everything!

They drove off to my storage unit to collect my house contents and boxes and left us to give the house a quick clean and once over before finally shutting the door on that part of our lives as singles.

At 3pm, we got the keys to our new dream home and start of the next life chapter as a couple.

The four guys from the removal company beavered away like worker ants, off-loading and carrying our stuff from the Sprinter van and 8 tonne truck to the house and were done and gone by 6pm.

Furniture and boxes were all in the right rooms, ready for us to start sorting and putting into place – the fun bit can now start! And we’ve got plenty of energy as we’ve not had to shift a box or piece of furniture between us.

Business Lessons

As a capable business owner, there is an expectation (often put upon ourselves) because a task is something we feel capable of doing, that we should be the person to do it. Even if we’re not the expert at doing it.

But if doing this seemingly ‘simple’ task (like packing boxes) takes us away from doing the things we do well in our business – the things we’re actually paid to do, then it’s a false economy.

Packing boxes, building a WordPress website, setting up an email campaign – they’re all fairly straightforward tasks. But it’s not something you do everyday and therefore takes longer for you to get back up to speed because you’ve forgotten what you did last time. Which means you’ll never be as efficient or effective as someone who does this everyday. It’s their ‘thing’. The mere fact they do this everyday means they know what pitfalls to look out for and avoid them. They’re in their flow and can just get on with it, like worker ants carrying our house items into the truck and knowing exactly how best to pack the space.

Let the experts get on with their thing so you can get on with your thing.

So here’s my challenge to you: What are the tasks in your business that you think you have to do yourself because either you think you’re capable of doing it, or you perceive it costs too much for you to delegate to a pro? Is it updating your website? Getting email campaigns and blog posts set up?

Imagine they were already done. What would you being doing now? Getting more business? Dealing with more clients? Earning more money? Earning more money than what it would have cost to hire someone in to get it done in half the time or less?

Now decide what to do next.

Love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.



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