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Is your website feeding you hot prospects?

Oct 6, 2014 | Vee's blog, web tips | 0 comments

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Your website should be your most powerful marketing resource, working 24/7 filtering out time-wasters and pulling in ideal clients into your marketing funnel.


You may have a fabulous looking website that you spent thousands on, but if it isn’t bringing prospects in, then it’s time to take a step back and give it an honest review and revamp. Here are three probing questions you can ask yourself to see where improvements can be made and what those improvements should be.


    1. The main purpose of your website
      What is the main purpose of your website? Is it just awareness? Do you want to gather signups from potential customers? Is it to convey information? Or is it more sales? Would they be online sales or offline sales? What about people who aren’t ready to buy your services now? What have you got in place to keep those possible future customers coming back to your website?


    1. Above the fold message
      Is your most important message above the fold? Above the fold is a term that’s given to the area of the homepage that you see when you first arrive without scrolling down. It’s natural to place your company logo at the top but is it too dominating and does it convey succinctly what you do and who for? My guess is that unless you’re an internationally known company with budgets of millions to promote their brand, then most likely, most people, including your potential customers, don’t really care about your logo, no matter how cleverly designed it is.What they do care about is ‘can you solve my problem . Given that most people spend less than a minute on any website when they’re searching for a solution, it’s really important that the message of what you do and who you do it for is prominent and above the fold without having to scroll down for it.


  1. Your ideal client and their problems
    Does your home page (and above the fold) copy talk about your ideal client and the problems they have?A mistake a lot of websites have is a homepage that talks too much about themselves – who they are, what qualifications they have, how long they’ve been in business for, how big they are etc etc.Whilst this is important further down the marketing funnel, it’s not what a prospect is looking for when they first arrive on your website. First and foremost on a prospect’s mind is whether you ‘get’ their problem and can help them fix it.Given that you have less than a minute to persuade a visitor they’re in the right place, the home page above the fold copy has to hook them in with ‘this person gets me! They understand what I’m going through’, and they can solve my pain or problem.


These are just three of many things I look out for when reviewing a website when new clients complain their website isn’t generating any sales.


If you feel your website isn’t generating sales then take up a free 30 minute consultation with me and I’ll give you my honest review and tell you where it could be improved.


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