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Everyone has a Thing they do so easily and effortlessly that they can’t believe other people can’t do it. But if you don’t know what your Thing is it can be super frustrating, and I totally get that (it frustrated me too before Lucy helped me work it out). Good news is that my lovely friend Lucy Whittington knows all about Thing finding. In fact she’s just written a book all about it called (don’t be surprised now…) ‘Find Your Thing’.

Find Your Thing Book by Lucy Whittington

When you know your thing, marketing and selling becomes so much easier. Writing blog posts and content for your website and newsletters becomes a whole lot easier. You stand out from the noise and crowd of other people doing seemingly similar things to you.

In her book you’ll find out:

* Why you want to find your Thing (in case you’re not convinced!)

* That your Thing is so much closer than you think

* How you’ll know when you’re doing your Thing

* How to get famous (and paid) for doing your Thing

The book is available to buy right now, and Lucy has some very special packages on offer for ‘Find your Thing February’ when you order the book from the ‘official’ website. Starting at just £10 you can get a whole lot more than just 165 pages of Thing finding know how.

Not to mention there’s lots of fab free goodies on the book website too which are worth checking out (and you can read chapter 1 of the book to see if it’s something you’ll find useful).

Here’s the link again so you can find your Thing (or get famous for it if you know it already!)

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