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Developing Online Programmes

Structuring online programmes imageWhat online programmes have you got planned for 2015? Maybe you are thinking of launching some online products or programmes and have an idea of what could work as an online programme, but not sure how best to deliver it or what format the programme should take? Should it be free or should there be a fee and if so, how much? Do you upsell and what do you upsell and how do you upsell without being obnoxiously salesy?

Here are some ideas.

Offer three price points

  1. The first is low cost or free. For that they get to download a PDF of your information. Free? Yes, because it’s just that – information. It’s totally up to them to action the information to benefit from it. This works well for programmes that invoke a change, like weight loss, fitness training, business planning or anything that you could do yourself. They don’t get ‘you’. But remember that you should set this up so they only get the information after signing up so you have their email address to follow up with your newsletter, offers and/or upsells to your other price points. Which brings me nicely to the next price point.
  2. The second price point is a small investment but small enough that the purchaser thinks it’s a no-brainer. To truly benefit and see results and not drop off the wagon on the way, you offer the next price point where they get a ‘piece’ of you as well as the download from the first price point. You give them something extra that will help them. This could be a series of daily (or weekly depending on your programme) emails reminding them what they should be doing that day/week. If your programme is a series of daily tasks, then the content of the emails contain the task for that day – simple! The emails are programmed automatically to deliver so it doesn’t matter when the person signed up. It could also include a live group webinar with you that you run regularly (say weekly or monthly) which you can run as a Q&A session where people get to pick your brains. And of course, if you do include some ‘live’ element to the programme you won’t get into trouble with the complicated EU VAT regulations.
  3. The third price point is your premium offering – a VIP package where in addition to getting the above, they get to work with you 121. That could be face to face sessions or virtual sessions over Skype for example. They get a bigger piece of you – your personalised advice for their particular situation and/or you holding them accountable. It could be 121 access to you at particular times. It could even be you actually doing something for them that your free information advocates.

Upselling without being salesy

Did you notice any abnoxious selling in the above? That’s because it’s all there, three different price points and what you get at each level. No haggling, no nasty surprises, just straight forward upfront this is how you can buy from me.

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