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How to get customers from the internet

Nov 24, 2014 | Vee's blog | 0 comments

how to get customers from the internet

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The internet is now by far the first place to go to for people to find suppliers and solutions to their problems. So that being the case, how do you take advantage of this huge pool of potential customers and get fresh customers from the internet?

There are six pillars or systems you need to have in place to get potential customers to find you on the internet and buy from you. Every pillar is an opportunity to convert a visitor to a prospect and a customer. Whilst the pillars can work individually on their own, to really make sure you cover all the stages of people’s buying stages, they work best all together. They are all essential parts of the internet marketing jigsaw and all need to be in place for you to start seeing real results from your marketing efforts.

The Six Pillars to successful online marketing

1. Website

Most businesses recognise that if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a legitimate business. People looking to buy a service will check your website and if you don’t have one then it raises all sorts of questions in your prospects’ mind. But not all websites are good. A good website is acting as your 24/7 salesman. It’s function is to attract potential ideal customers. Which means that when a visitor arrives at your website, they need to be able to tell within a few seconds that your website can solve the problem they have. You know you’ve got this right if they then go on to buy from your website and become a customer.

However, there is another set of visitors who may have the problem you solve, but for whatever reason, they’re not ready to buy now. They may be comparing you to other providers, or they are just not familiar enough with you to buy now. The addage that people buy from people they know like and trust, is still true in the online world. One visit to a website is usually not enough to establish like and trust. So how do you build up like and trust in the online world?

2. Free taster

Give them a free taste of you, but with a catch. Data capture in fact. In exchange for their email address give them some useful compelling information that will go someway to solving their problem. It could take the form of a PDF report or video. It could be a swipe file. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and how you work and start the rapport building process helping you gain their trust and likeability. In turn you know they’re interested in what you do, because they’ve put their hand up and given you their email address.

This might be enough to convert them to buy from you. But what if this still isn’t enough? The relationship is still young and needs further nurturing. How to do this?

3. Follow up

This is done with a series of emails or autoresponders set up to drip feed to your prospect automatically. Without any effort on your part (other than the initial set up) each follow up email gives even more useful information that helps your prospect solve their problem or decide you are the best business to solve their problem for them. It could be more useful resources like links to some popular blog posts. You’re touching the prospect again, reminding them that you are the best person to solve their problem.

Here’s another opportunity for a prospect to convert into a customer. But what happens to those who are still not ready to buy?

4. Newsletter

They’ve already put their hand up that they’re interested in your solution by signing up to your free taster, so now you know it’s ok to add them to your email newsletter list. This might be a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter where you share even more juicy nuggets about the problems you solve.

The aim of the newsletter is to get them back to your website. So you give a short enticing paragraph in the email newsletter itself and to read more they click a link to read the rest of the article on your website. Which brings me to the fifth pillar.

5. Blogging

Why bother with blogging when you could have the full article in your newsletter? Here’s why. Yes, you could write the entire article in your newsletter but you won’t know how many of your readers are interested in it. When you have the article as a blog post that people have to click through to read, then that click through is registered as a stat in your mail management tool. That way you can see what articles are of interest and what you should write more about and create promotions for.

You can also take advantage of segmentation and email again to those who did click through if your article is connected to a promotion you’re running at the time, because if they clicked through to the article, they are more than likely interested in your promotion about it too.

And so to the final and sixth pillar that is essential for all the above 5 pillars to work.

6. Traffic

Traffic is the term given to all the means you use to get new visitors to your website, sign up to your freebie and keep them coming back with your newsletter.

Traffic can come from lots of different sources be it online or offline or a combination of both. Online includes social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Should you be on all channels? No. It’s best to focus on 1 and build up an interactive active audience on that platform, rather than spread yourself too thinly across many platforms. So which should you focus on? The one where your ideal clients are hanging out!

Have you got all 6 pillars in place? Are they all working? If not, then take up up on a free 30 minute consultation with me and find out how I can help you get all 6 pillars delivering ideal customers to you.



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