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A website is not enough

I see this mistake a lot. You build your website. Sometimes it cost a lot, sometimes, not much at all. The resulting website is beautiful and explains everything you do. You anticipate being inundated with prospects calling you. Your phone remains silent. Perhaps you’re told you need SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is implemented, your site is now optimised to be found by search engines. Your phone and email remain eerily silent.

Here’s the thing, your website is a bit like building your business on an island. Like an island, it’s in the middle of the ocean. No one knows it’s there.

What’s missing?

I was interviewed by Cathy Simmons of the We discuss all the elements needed to make your website successful at attracting and nurturing clients (and it’s not just about SEO!). The attendees commentated that they had never heard it explained like this before. Here’s the recording for you to watch.

Free Web Tech Toolkit

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