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Holiday downtime activities for quiet periods

Jul 24, 2016 | web tips | 0 comments

7 Holiday Downtime Activities

Summer time can be a quiet time for most small businesses as people take time off for holidays. In fact, when you read this, I’ll be in Portugal for my holiday! (Don’t worry, Penny, Sam and Caroline are taking care of things in my absence). 6-8 weeks of summer holidays needn’t be a complete shutdown and this article is about some holiday downtime activities that I get up to for my business and my clients. For me it’s a time to take advantage of the quiet time to catch up, review and plan.

Even though I’ve committed to myself to not doing client work, there’s still stuff I allow myself to do. Because I can (and love what I do). I’m at my most relaxed. Somehow these tasks seem easier to do without the normal day to day interruptions and pressing work getting in the way.

My digital crash

The first couple of days I completely crash and not look at anything digital. That gives me space to reflect on what’s working and where I want to take things for the next 6 months. I then read blog posts and inspiring books. I watch trainings I never got round to watching when I bought them. I catch up on podcasts I’m subscribed to.

Then by days 4/5, ideas are in full flow of things I want try out and experiment with. By day 6 I’m itching to implement some of the great ideas. I feel energised and raring to go.

7 Holiday Downtime Jobs

Here’s 7 holiday downtime activities that I want to share with you so you too can try out one or two (or all!) to make productive use of the quiet months, so you’re ready for business come Autumn.

1. Website – mobile-ness review

The stats prove that most of us are keeping updated on our mobiles. Check what your website looks like on mobiles and iPads. Here’s a post I wrote about mobile friendliness  and another post I wrote about latest web layout trends

2. Newsletter layout review

– is your newsletter easily readable on a mobile device without pinching the screen? Got more than 1 column? Was it designed over a year ago? Now’s the time to create a new template that’s single column and mobile friendly. Most email marketing packages offer this. You may need to start from scratch to make sure your template uses mobile friendly code. Here’s video post about mobile friendly newsletters  and 5 tips for most effective email newsletters

3. Lead magnet or free goodie

– Have you got some useful information to give away to potential prospects when they land on your website? If currently all you’re offering is a subscription to your free newsletter, then you’re losing out. Nobody signs up to newsletters anymore. They do sign up to useful information though. Here’s a video post where I show you how

4. Planning some webinars?

Then you’ll need some professional slides.  Here’s some tips on preparing slides

5. Facebook Ads

– tried them yet? FB ads can be a great way to grow your list and raise your profile, but they can also be a huge money waste if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve been training and updating our skills in Facebook ads and now a service we can offer and have been creating successful ad campaigns for our clients. If you’ve been dabbling in FB ads and not seeing any meaningful results, then let’s talk.

6. Time for a membership site?

– a membership site is great for creating a regular income and building up a following. Here’s a checklist I created for all the tools, and a timeline for launch and all the different ‘bits’ you need to plan and get ready.

7. List clean up

– go through your past campaigns and delete contacts who’ve become undeliverable. You could also go one step further and delete contacts who’ve not opened your emails in over a year. Doing this will improve your open rate percentage which always feels good! Here’s my post about open rates.

So there’s 7 holiday downtime activities you could do that will tweak up your business systems and processes. If the tech on those tech jobs scare you or just not your thing then let’s talk and see how we might take care of them for you. Our prices are fixed so you know exactly what your financial commitment is.

How can we do that?

We’re taking care of these jobs for clients all the time, so we know exactly what’s involved which means we’ll be much quicker than you trying to figure it out for yourself.


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