Are you getting stuff done? Or is your TODO list growing out of control, like a child’s Christmas wish list?

In this video I show you my simple but clever way of getting my stuff done using Post-it notes and a day a page diary.

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I write a task on a Post-it note and collect them on my white board which is organised into areas for client work, project work, admin and ideas. Then at the beginning of the day (or it might be at the end of the day) I choose which tasks need to be done that day, peel them off and put them in my work area in front of my computer so I can see them and be reminded what my priority tasks are for that day.

When I’ve done them, I put a big tick in the Post-it, peel it off and put it in my diary. At the end of the day it’s very satisfying seeing how much I’ve done by the page being plastered in coloured Post-its.

You can assign different colours to different types of work/clients, or assign a colour to priority, so red for urgent, green for important and so on.

There you go, my simple non-technical way of keeping on top of TODOs.

I’d love to know what systems you find works to keep on top of your TODOs? Post it in the comments below.