In my last post I shared with you why I quit my dress design business to help my dad full-time with his deal with the Americans to help them build faster jet planes for the US Army. If you missed it you can read it here.

They had paid him a huge sum of money for his time, my dad had quit his lucrative plumbing business so he could focus on the inventing and assisting United Technologies and Pratt & Witney with the evaluation of his  engine invention.

It was a his dream come true.

It involved paid trips to America.

It was exciting times.

My dad was on the verge of making it really big.


It never happened.

A few months after the evaluation deal was struck, the recession hit big time.

There was reshuffling and layoffs at United Technologies, including the top man there who was leading the project.

The cold war with Russia ended, so the US Army didn’t need faster planes.

The faster, lighter engine project (my dad’s invention) was dumped.

In the meantime, if you remember, my dad had pretty much quit the plumbing business because he thought he had it made.

With no adverts in the Yellow Pages, the plumbing enquiries ceased.

There was no money coming in and therefore I couldn’t be paid.

I had a baby to support, a husband out of work also because of the recession, plus mounting mortgage arrears.

But I had good typing and computer skills, so I joined a temping agency and worked as a temporary secretary.

Mum looked after my baby while I worked, until I could afford a nursery place.

While temping I met the Boss from Hell and turned him into a Nice Cake Buying Boss.

You can read how I turned the boss from Hell to the Nice Cake Buying Boss here.