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Free 30 minute Web Tech Clarity Call

What if I could give you a head start to getting results from your web presence right away?


Let me ask you a question:

Would you like to get your business online, so you can reach more customers and make more sales, without having to get bogged down in all the tech details?

Would it surprise you to know that you don’t need to be a tech-head to grow your business online?

frustrated-customer-topThis is what I hear from busy, stressed out business owners every day

  • What marketing should I do that will work?
  • Should I use webinars or free downloads?
  • Are newsletters going to work for me?
  • What about blogging? How will that help me?
  • How do I set it all up so it all links together?
  • What online tools should are best to use for what I want to achieve?
  • Where does social media fit in?
  • What if I just don’t have time to do it all?
  • What should I prioritise on?
  • Is it worth me learning some of this stuff?

I’m the Biz Tech Wiz

Vee Smith - Biz Tech WizI’m Vee Smith and I’m a wiz at taming web tech tools and getting systems and processes set up for promoting and selling your online programmes and products. I’m also the founder of The Biz Tech Team (formerly My Super VA), an online marketing business that helps technophobic entrepreneurs save huge amounts of time.

I know that tech tools can help you build online businesses, programmes and products which can provide an additional income stream for you and ultimately make you more money because that’s what I do for clients like you.

Don’t waste time on what you hate

I work with small business owners who don’t want to waste time or money figuring out the best techie tool that will deliver their services in a style that suits them. They have no desire to spend hours working out how to use them. Neither do they want to waste precious funds on expensive tech tools that they don’t need. When they work with me, they’re able to get on with doing what they love doing – creating products and sharing their knowledge while building up additional income streams. That’s what excites them.

My guess is that’s probably what excites you too!

Figuring out the techie stuff doesn’t excite you at all.

And that’s fine, because I understand how online marketing works. I know what systems and tools to use that make selling services and packages online a breeze. I’ve tried out hundreds of programmes and tools and am constantly researching new ones so you don’t have to.

You can benefit from my experiences, learnings and testings.

  • I listen to what online product you want to create, what you’ve got already and where you’re stuck: everything from ebook, ecourse, webinars to membership sites
  • I find the best tools that will work for you based on what you want to deliver, how technical (or not) it can be, and your budget
  • I set the techie tools up
  • I show you how, step by step, recorded so you can rinse and repeat or pass on to your virtual assistant, or get my Biz Tech Team to do it for you.

Keep It Simple

My approach is Keep It Simple. You won’t waste time or money on tools that aren’t right for your business when a simpler and cheaper solution exists.

The services I provide will free your mind and give you time to focus on the creative stuff that you’re passionate about. You pay a one-off fee for my services and that’s it. In return I’ll provide you with the right tools, set them up and show you how they work so your online programme or product becomes a reality and you can start earning an additional income stream from it.

You can be more focused AND have more time

Working with me means that instead of wasting time learning about frustrating tech tools, you can focus on creating the content for your products without worrying about the techie set up stuff because I’m taking care of that.

Claim your FREE Web Tech Clarity Call

We’ll get on a call (Skype or phone) and I’ll ask you more details so I have a better understanding of what you need and whether my services are right for you and if they are, how I can help you.

Just click on a bold date and select a time that suits you. The next page will ask a few simple questions about the issue you want sorted. I look forward to speaking with you.

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