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Forget Brexit: Here is some good news

Jul 4, 2016 | motivational, Vee's blog | 1 comment

Feeling low about Brexit?

It’s just over a week ago that we woke up to the shocking Brexit news – that the majority vote was for Britain to leave the EU. There’s been public outcries from all quarters – political, celebrity, business moguls, Facebook friends, calls for another referendum, xenophobic and racist attacks, resignations, calls for resignations, fall in currency values, fall in the FTSE, fear, confusion, turmoil…

All the media channels are full of doom and gloom.

Depressing, isn’t it?

I don’t pretend to know any answers or solutions. That’s not my area of expertise. What I do know is that it’s easy to get sucked into the doom and gloom spiral of despair and in such times I try to remind myself of the good things happening, to redress the balance, so this article aims to remind us to bring back some balance.

You can’t have day without night, light without darkness, white without black, positive without negative. Happy times don’t mean anything without sad times or life would be bland and boring. I’m sure that if you’ve been following my blogs, you’re probably like me and strive to look to the positive out of every negative situation. The silver lining if you like.

Forget Brexit

So in an endeavour to side-step the downward spiral to doom and gloom and forget Brexit drama for a while (even a short while), let’s start a ripple of positivity with our good news. There’s always something good happening around us if we just look. And when we focus on the good stuff, we notice more of it and attract more of the positive stuff.

And when there’s good stuff happening, the bad stuff doesn’t seem to consume us into a spiral of despair because we know there’s hope.

I’m going to make a start by dropping my small pebble in the big pond and share the recent positive stuff that’s happening in my life. Then I invite you to join in the ripple, by posting your positive stuff in the comments below.

Here goes…

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And…. Here are just 3 bits of my good news…

My 22yo daughter has graduated with a 2:1 after 4 years studying psychology at Middlesex University. We go celebrate that next week at her graduation ceremony where she gets to dress up in one of those gowns and mortarboards. Then she’s off to see the world on a 6 month world tour, which she’s been saving up for.

My 17yo who is studying A levels, started her first part-time job earlier this year at Thorpe Park in food and beverages. She was told that two mystery shoppers rated her 90% and she also won the challenge for selling the most upsells – by a huge margin. She made 200 upsells! The person who came second only made 60.

My 24yo step daughter has also graduated/qualified as a teacher. Not only did her final placement assessment go very well (she was highly commended at how well she held the class’s attention despite a challenging child trying to distract the class by running round during her assessment). Not only that, the same school where she had the placement has offered her a full-time teaching job for September!

There’s more, but that’s enough to start.

Over to you… Post your good news in the comments below, then share on your social channels and let’s see if we can spread a ripple of positivity and bring back hope.


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  1. ian donnelly

    great blog,,,positive is always happening

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