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Finding Search Terms

How useful would it be to find search terms that people are trying to find the services and products you sell?

My previous post showed you how to discover what your most popular posts and pages are. This video article is about how to find search terms people are using to find your website. It also shows how many times your website was listed as a result, where it ranks and how many clicked through to your site.

Watch the video

Here are the instructions to finding the search terms your website is found by:

  1. Go to
  3. Next click SEARCH CONSOLE
  4. Select QUERIES

find search terms

Recommended next steps

  1. Increase the date range to show more data
  2. Sort by Impressions
  3. Increase the SHOW ROWS to 500 to get them all to appear in one screen
  4. Scan down the list of search terms and notice which are the keywords you want to be having a high click through rate and don’t
  5. Do a search for that term in a new window and see what you can do to improve the click through rate

That’s it! Simple! How to find search terms that people are using to find the products and services that you sell.

Please do let me know if you found this useful by leaving a comment below.