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Avoidable Errors when Embedding Videos from YouTube

Embedding videos into your website is made easy by YouTube. You simply upload the video from your smart phone or computer. When it’s finished uploading you can grab the embed code and paste it in your website.

However, have you ever noticed that at the end of your video playing, YouTube puts in a number of related videos that it thinks might be of interest to the viewer. They could even be your competitors’ videos!

Yes, that’s right, your potential customers could be watching your competitors’ videos on YOUR website!

I shot a quick video on how to prevent that

It’s actually quite simple to correct.

After opening up the video in YouTube, you navigate to the SHARE menu.
Click on EMBED
Then before copying the code it presents, click SHOW MORE

That will alter the embed code by adding the code rel=0, which is code that tells YouTube to not show related videos after the video finishes.

Now copy the embed code and paste it in your website (in the Text mode when using WordPress).

That’s it!

Let me know in the comments if that was helpful.

Too Tricky for you?

Embedding videos on your website that don’t show your competitors videos when yours is finished is a task I could do for you when you buy a Web Tech Tasks Pack. Click on the button to find out more.

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