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Email marketing strategies revisited

Oct 20, 2014 | e-newsletters, tips, Vee's blog | 0 comments

email-marketing-strategiesEmail campaigns have been through some turbulent times.


They can be associated with spam, unsolocitored email, by total unknowns using black art practices of skimming websites and directories for email addresses regardless of your interests.


Perpetrators of unwanted emails can also be from unscrupulous people you know or have met, who’ve taken it upon themselves to adding you to their mailing list without asking you first. Even those kind of practices now leave you with a bad taste of mistrust.


But I’m not talking about spamming or unwanted emails. I’m talking about using email campaigns to connect with the people who want to buy from you or are interested in buying from you. I’m talking about creating email campaigns that people look forward to receiving. I’m talking about using emails to build up trust and rapport.


So here are 5 tips to make sure you’re keeping up with the times and making the most of email marketing.


  1. Use an email management tool like Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailchimp, Madmimi or similar. These tools let you create professional looking emails where you can track opens and click throughs, which is essential to monitor what are your more popular topics are and what you should write more about, which means you’ll get more engagement which in turn means more sales. They also managed unsubscribes automatically, which saves you time.


  1. Use a single column layout. It used to be cool to make your email template look like your website with sidebars, and that was fine in the days when we only viewed emails on our computers or laptops. It’s been reported that people are more likely to check their emails on their phones, so emails with sidebars are very difficult to read on a mobile device. If your template uses a sidebar, now’s the time to give it a refresh.


  1. Ditch the word ‘newsletter’ in the subject. The subject is the one-time opportunity to the reader to open your email. Get your creative juices flowing and create attention grabbing subject titles that will engage and entice the reader to open the email right away.


  1. Use a large and clear font. Remember that people are reading emails on their phones while they’re on the go, so font sizes of 12 and less are too small to read comfortably. Font sizes of 14 or 16 are preferable. Also use a non-serif font, which means there are no curly tick bits on the letters which are not so easy to read on-screen. Arial, Verdana and Helvetic are good examples that are also universally installed on everyone’s computers. Choosing anything out of the ordinary and not installed on the recipient’s computer will likely use their default font which will alter the look of your email so that it’s totally unrecognizable!


  1. Keep it brief. Long emails tend to get left to be read later, at best, but more likely deleted with the thought ‘I haven’t got time to read this’). A short email is more likely to be read there and then. If it is long, then provide a link to the rest of the article on your website, because you want people to visit your website again and see your offers and buy from you.




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