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Newsletters are great for getting people revisiting your website. Just like an island, a website is out in the middle of the ocean and difficult to get to, so providing a scheduled ferry service is a great way to get people visiting your island again. The ferry service is your newsletter.

But here’s the challenge.

When people’s inboxes are awash with unread emails, signing up to a newsletter is the last thing anyone wants to do. They’ve got enough emails in their inbox already, so simply asking them to sign up to your newsletter isn’t going to cut it.

Watch my video for how to create an enticing opt-in.

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Next steps

Want to create an opt-in for your ferry service? You’re in luck because I created an online course where I show you how to collect names and emails of prospects online and keep them interested. It’s called 10 Days to Set Up Your Automated Online Lead Gathering and Nurture SystemClick here for more details.