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Discounting Prices – pro’s and con’s

Offering a discount for your services might seem like a great way to attract new clients and get your business off the ground or a new service launched.   But it’s a double-edged sword. A discount may well attract someone to buy from you and you feel happy...

Newsletters that drive me crazy!

That is to say, bad newsletters drive me insane! Newsletters and email communications are my thing, so whenever they land in my inbox, I do take a quick look and then notice if my attention is grabbed to read further (and what they did to engage my interest) or hit delete.

Squeezing time management

Time management seems to be an issue for a lot of small business owners it seems. I gave a talk about time management at 4Network’s Hemel meeting today to small business owners. A lot of them typically work by themselves. They also have many other roles, like parent, partner and son/daughter as well as trying to maintain relationships with their friends and social circles and juggle other commitments not related to their businesses.

Keyboard shortcuts that save time

Keyboard shortcuts that save time

I love anything that can speed things up and improve productivity and that includes keyboard shortcuts. If I’m typing then having to take my fingers off the keyboard to use the mouse adds time to get things done and slows me down. Here’s a list of my often...
How do you measure your business success?

How do you measure your business success?

When do you know you are successful? Do you judge your success by the sheer turnover, the volume of sales or the number of clients you have on your books?

If you run your business efficiently you will no doubt have set targets and objectives each year and keep track of your incomings and outgoings then do the usual tally at the end of the financial period. But, is that really enough to determine your success? You may have made more money or gained new clients but has you business actually evolved?

Avoiding getting banned

I am a huge fan of Constant Contact as it is so easy to send emails to your database. They are very proud of their deliverability records and this is because they are very stringent with their terms and conditions. If you don’t abide by their terms and...