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Managing Time Sucks – book review

I love looking for ways to be efficient with time and getting more done. I was doing a bit of research which included posting on my social media channels asking people what were their biggest time sucks. The most popular answers seemed to be spending too much time in forums and social media (ironically), to procrastinating and interruptions.

Funding the 4 hour work week

Tim Ferriss in his book the 4 Hour Work Week talks about streamlining your work from managing interruptions, organising how you deal with email and how people contact you, setting their expectations with autoresponders so that you can use your work time productively. Having ‘trained’ everyone to be succinct and to the point when communicating with you, you free up time to create the vehicle that’s going to fund your mini-retirement. So what’s the vehicle going to be?

Delegation Dangers in Pursuit of the 4-hour work week

Tim Ferriss advocates delegating personal stuff to an outsourcer or Virtual Assistant, in pursuit of creating more time to work more efficiently remotely so that you can take a mini-retirement to pursue a dream.

In my previous blog post, I explored some issues of using overseas virtual assistants and why it’s a false economy to engage cheap overseas VA’s.

When you delegate it’s also important to first filter the tasks you are delegating so you are paying to get done what you need to get done and not waste resources because of laziness on your part.

Tim Ferriss on Outsourcing and Streamlining

Many people dream of taking extended holidays, changing careers or pursuing their dream hobbies and Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-hour Work Week sets out a plan exactly how you can achieve this through a series of mini-retirements and here’s my take on what he suggests.

The 4-Hour Work Week – Permission to dream granted

The 4-Hour Work Week – Permission to dream granted

Tim Ferriss’ introduces the concept of the 4 Hour Work Week to achieve a series of mini-retirements. It turns on its head the norm of working 30-40 years only to find at retirement, you’ve either not got enough money to live out your ‘retirement’ or you’re not in good health anymore, having slogged your guts out or worst still both!