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Are you sitting comfortably….?

Mar 24, 2014 | Reviews, Vee's blog | 0 comments

I wasn’t, but I am now sitting comfortably. Well I was, but let me explain.

As you can imagine, I spend long hours a day sat in front of my computer, engrossed in the interesting things I’m doing for my clients, so sitting comfortably is imperative. However, by the end of the day, I have noticed that I was uncomfortable and my back was somewhat sore and stiff.

So I examined my trusty chair and realised that it must be time for replacing it. I’ve had it since new from my corporate days, so must be 15 years old now, as I’ve been in business 8 years.

So then the search for something that would be better for my back and I came across the Back App chair at a networking event and Mike Dilke, who is the UK distributor for this Swedish-made chair, allowed me to try it out for free for a few weeks.

He warned me to break the chair in gently, as the way it works, as you sit in the chair, it has no back. You sit naturally as you’re supposed to tilted slightly forward with your feet on its foot rest. There is gentle subtle movement which is exercising your back muscles as you sit, which in turn strengthens your back. As you’re back gets stronger, you can increase the ‘wobble’ by adjusting the ball at the bottom of the pole.

Like any exercise you’re not used to, if you to do too much, you will feel sore.

After a week, I was convinced, this was the chair I needed and wanted. The Back App chair costs a lot more than a conventional uncomfortable office chair, but I figured, the amount of hours I sit in it per day, the number of years I’ll get out of it (15 for the last conventional chair) it actually worked out less than a penny a day.

So when Mike called me for feedback I placed an order and less than a week later it arrived.

It came in a huge study box and opening that was probably the most difficult part. There were three parts, the seat, the base and the pole bit and they slotted easily together.

Image of Vee on her new Back App ChairSo here’s the lesson learned….

I got over-zealous and excited about using my new chair and didn’t bother with continuing my breaking-in gently plan. After a few weeks, my back felt so sore that I felt it necessary to go see my osteopath and sort me out.

So here I am, suitably chastised for not breaking the Back App chair in gently and starting again, with an hour a day for a few days, then 2 hours for the next few days and so on. It also turns out that I need to strengthen my stomach muscles and that will help support my back muscles too.

Exercise…. hmmmm. That’s a whole new story evolving….


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