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Website Mistakes and Turn Offs | 06 | No Above The Fold Call To Action

Apr 10, 2020 | How-to-videos, insta, Vee's blog, videos, web tips | 0 comments

Above The Fold Calls To Action

This article and video covers Call To Action (CTA) and Above The Fold. These are terms you might have heard in websites. I explain what these terms mean and why they are important. In addition, I make some suggestions what CTAs you might include.

This is the sixth of a mini video series where I shares website mistakes that turn off visitors and prospects from becoming clients and what to instead. MISTAKE #6 is not having any calls to action above the fold.

This episode of website turnoff is having no clear call to action above the fold line.

So what is a Call To Action exactly, and what does Above The Fold Mean?

Let’s start with

Above The Fold

When you arrive at a website, the area that you first see without having to scroll anywhere or click on anything is called Above The Fold. It’s a term adopted from newspapers. Newspapers folded on a newstand had to sell themselves based on what was on the upper portion of the front cover as that’s what people saw first.

Hence, it was very important to only include compelling headlines and images that were eye-catching and intriguing enough that passer byers would buy it.

Same is for websites. The upper portion of your website is what people see first and needs to be eye-catching and instantly they recognise they’re in the right place. So the next instant step is something that compels them to stay on the site and browse further.

Which is where an Above The Fold Call To Action comes in.

Call To Action

In addition to saying who you serve and what you do, you need to also have a clear call to action that tells them what to do next i.e. A Call To Action

That could be to make a phone call to you, with your phone number. The CTA could also be to email you or click a button or scroll down or read more.

There needs to be some clear above the fold call to action that you want your site visitors to do next.

Imagine that you are opening up your front door to a visitor. You wouldn’t just let them wander them around your house and work out for themselves where to find what they’re interested in.

Virtual Guided Tour

You would first invite them in and ask them, what are they specifically looking for? Then guide them to the right room and point out features in that room that are of specific interest to them.

So it is the same with your website. Guide them around your website and that starts with that very first message that they get when they arrive above the fold without scrolling.

Put yourself in their shoes and frame of mind. What do they need to know at what stage of arriving at your website and what is the next obvious step for them to take. Should it be to make a phone call or do we click on this particular link because we’re interested in ABC’s or this link because we’re interested in XYZ.

Your task

So, have a look at your website, see if it’s absolutely clear what you do and then that you have got a call to action. The Call To Action could be a button that succinctly describes a next step.

Maybe they have to sign up to something.

Decide what is it that you want them to do? And what are the baby steps to get there.

It might be that they may not do that right away. They may wanna scroll through and see what else there is, but you’ve gotta have that call to action, that main thing that you want them to do when they first arrive.

If you need my help with your website, then, let’s talk. Pick a time from my diary that works for you.

Other Reading

Make sure you’ve read this article about having a clear next step and make sure you’re not guilty of having too much clutter either.



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