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5 Website Copywriting Tips

Dec 11, 2016 | How-to, web tips | 0 comments

Copywriting tips

Copywriting is often a block for my web building clients. Sometimes, you’re just too close to what you do to know what to write. So I asked my copywriting friend Sarah Norris if she would share some tips. So here are Sarah’s 5 website copywriting tips to boost your impact with potential clients…

Running a business is hard. As small business owners, we’ve got to wear many hats to get everything done, things we don’t relish and didn’t sign up for when starting out.

I’m a writer and maths isn’t my thing so accounting and finance-type stuff gets pushed to the back of the queue. If I was on The Apprentice I’d probably be the candidate shown the door for mucking up the sums. A book-keeper is definitely on my business wish list.

‘Wading Through Treacle’

I hear the same sentiment from business owners in relation to writing. They disliked it at school. They felt their writing skills weren’t up to scratch and they still feel this despite the fact they’re competent fully-fledged entrepreneurs. Mix in the huge amount of advice available online about website writing it can get pretty confusing. I’m not surprised my clients often liken website copywriting to ‘wading through treacle’.

Luckily writing isn’t like maths. There isn’t a wrong or right way to write your website only good practice. It’s the not-so-good practice that leaves business owners feeling frustrated when they don’t get the enquiries they’d like from ideal clients. And I see these poor practices time and time again when reviewing, re-writing and copy-editing business website content

With a little tweaking your website copy can be easily fixed even if you aren’t a confident writer. These tweaks can be the difference between someone getting in touch to enquire about working with you or clicking away to a different site.

Five ways to get more impact and make your website copywriting more persuasive

1. Make your website about your ideal client
Whatever your write on your website always focus on your customer. Show her you understand where she is right now. Then highlight how you help get her from her current situation to the place she wants to be. Also focus on the benefits your client gets from working with you.

And for extra connection, weave in words your ideal client uses to describe her problem or where she aspires to be. Using her language makes her feel that you ‘get her’ and helps to build trust.

2. Conversational copywriting to connect with potential clients
No matter how formal your business, copy always benefits from being written conversationally. It makes your content sound more natural and is easier to read. I recommend stripping out any jargon where possible too and use ‘you’ a lot rather than ‘I’ or ‘we’ for more impact.

If you’re a sole business owner and your brand revolves around you, add in phrases you’d use if you were chatting to someone in person. This helps your client to ‘hear you’ before they hire you.

3. Make it easy to read your website copy
Pasting large blocks of text onto your site will get your visitor clicking the back button.

Yet it’s easy to make your content visually appealing.

Make use of headings and sub-headings to break up content and give your SEO a boost at the same time by including keywords here.

Use short paragraphs of no more than five lines. Highlight important words or phrases in bold or italics. Another good tip is to put a caption on images again using keywords. Scanners and search engines alike will pick up key points here.

Avoid clever words or phrases and jargon. Your visitor will be more impressed if they don’t have to consult a dictionary to understand you.

4. Build client trust by getting others to talk about you
People are still sceptical about buying online. You need to build trust and credibility to convince someone you’re worth working with.

A great way to do this is to show how you’ve helped others either through case studies or sprinkling your best testimonials throughout your site.

Testimonials powerfully build trust with potential clients. You get tons more impact when previous clients talk about the results you achieve. Another way to boost your credibility is to include logos of businesses you’ve worked with, places you’ve been published, of your professional memberships or awards you’ve won.

5. Ask people to take action on your website.
You’ve got your visitors’ attention, they’re interested in what you do and feel you could be the one to help them. But even with the best website copywriting in the world, if you don’t ask them to do anything they’ll feel a bit like they’re in limbo, unsure what to do next. The easiest option will be to click away to another site.

Stop that from happening.

Make it easy for visitors to know what to do next. Even a simple request (or ‘call to action’) such as ‘contact me to see how we can work together’ is better than nothing.

Add one relevant call to action on each of your web pages, e.g. ‘schedule a discovery call’, ‘find out more about what I do’, ‘book your session now’.

How’s your website looking now?

Sometimes a few simple tweaks are all that’s needed to boost your website copy, increasing your impact and enquiries from potential clients. No treacle-wading required.

Now about that book-keeping…

Author bio:

Sarah Norris is a Copywriter and Web Wordsmith who supports businesses in coaching, consultancy, health and personal development to strengthen key messages online. Giving clarity to what they offer, confidence in their true value and connection with the right people helping them get more enquiries and win more business. Visit her website at


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