5-day Challenge to Get Your Website Plan Ready

Want a website for your start-up business?

If you’ve started your new business, gained a few customers, have some raving fans and now feel ready for the next stage of getting a website then this is for you.

You know that with a website you’ll feel like a proper grown-up business. With a professional looking website you’re confident that you’ll be able to reach more potential clients, attract more customers, grow your new start-up business and get more sales.

You may be wondering about several things, like…


Will you build it or commission someone else?


What will it cost?


What are the options? Wix, WordPress or something else...

You may have made some enquiries and have even further questions that only you can answer…

What pages, what text, what images, what about logos?

What information will your new website contain?

What keywords do you want to be found by?

What’s the best way to word the home page so that you attract ideal clients?

How do you want your new website to look and feel?

So many questions and things to consider! It can all seem overwhelming and so you end up putting it off and never getting your website built for your new business start-up.

Getting a website built may be on your to-do list and you’re annoyed that it stays there and frustrated you’re stuck because you’re not really sure where to start.

Without a plan you’ll remain stuck where you are, looking like a small start-up and not quite professional or committed, unable to grow and fulfil your new business’ potential.

You’ll continue to feel embarrassed when asked ‘have you got a website?’, wondering how long you can pull off the ‘not yet’ response.

Ready to get a website for your start-up business?

Get website plan ready challenge

If you’re ready to break out of the no-website cycle, then I’m here to help.

I’m Vee Tanner and I’ve been building websites for over 20 years. I’m the creator of the Biz Website Course that teaches people to build their own websites even if they’re not technical.

One of the greatest challenges I’ve seen my web clients face is getting information ready for their new start-up website.

When I’ve been commissioned to build a website I help them gather together all the elements into a Website Plan so that I can build their website efficiently in a way that attracts their ideal clients and makes them stand out from their competition.

Up to now, my planning process has only been available to my paying clients.

But not any more….

Get Website Plan Ready!


I’ve devised a 5-day Get Website Plan Ready Challenge that will help you gather all the information that is needed by a website designer (like me) or you (if you plan to go the DIY route) so you can get your new website off your todo list and launched so it can start working at attracting new clients for your business.

This is a totally free challenge and we start Monday 20th January.

During the 5-day Challenge you’ll get an email from me with a short task (takes up to 30 minutes of your time , the minimum you need to do to see results), medium and long task to choose from.

These small daily actions will get your website plan ready step by step so that by the end of the 5-day challenge you will have everything gathered that’s necessary to start your own website build (or be able to delegate to a web designer like me).

You’ll be kept accountable via my private Facebook group where you can post your findings and progress, ask questions and get support from me and the other members of the challenge.

On the last day of the challenge, I’ll be running a BONUS free online training for all the participants of the challenge on how to build a website on a shoestring budget where I share different options and their pros and cons. Even if you’re planning on delegating the build to a web designer, there will be useful information that could save you £££ because knowledge is power and if you understand, even broadly, what’s needed and what to ask for, you’re less likely to be disappointed when something you thought would be delivered isn’t included with your new website.

With a website plan, the website build becomes much quicker because you have all the information and copy to hand. Your new website will be up and live in a much shorter space of time which means you’ll start benefiting from enquiries from your ideal clients. Potential customers will be able to find out about you and your services much easier, which means you’ll get more enquiries, sales and your business will grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it really need?

Just 30 minutes a day during the 5-days is the minimum you need to create your website plan. You can spend more time if you have it and there are extended tasks with each day.

What if I can’t keep up?

The best way to get things done is to schedule them in your diary. I find that if it’s not in my diary, then it’s not happening, whatever my best intentions are. But don’t worry, even if you can’t keep up, the emails with the tasks are there for you to do whenever you’re ready.

What if I have questions, will you be able to answer them?

Yes!  I’ll be around for the week of the challenge and for a short while after, in my private Facebook group to answer any questions and give feedback. After the challenge is over, I’ll be devoting my time to helping my paying customers, which means to make the most of the 5-day challenge, schedule at least 30 minutes a day during the week so that if you have any questions, I’m around to answer them.