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NOw laterneverWhenever we check our emails and social media, whether you are conscious of it or not, we run a 3 stage filter on everything. Now, Later or Never. They are the three filters we apply to everything. Of course as a business owner sending our marketing messages we want all our messages to be read now! This article is about a simple method to help you create more power subject titles and headlines to help your messages to get filtered through to the ‘now’ rather than dwell in the ‘later’ which then ends up being a ‘never’ anyway which we want to avoid at all costs.2-2-2 rule for compelling subject lines

This simple method for writing more powerful subject and headlines for emails, social media posts etc is called the 2-2-2 principle.

The first 2 is the first 2 seconds you typically have to compel the reader to pay any attention.

The second 2 is for the first 2 words of your subject line or headline. That’s not to decide whether to open or ready the contents, it’s to decide whether to read the rest of the headline!

The third 2 is for ‘why does this email or message matter today’! So this doesn’t have to be about ‘today only’ or ‘by close of business’, but more about making it clear that your message is relevant and timely.

So that’s it. A simple system to help you be creative in getting your messages so compelling they have to be read and opened.