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Your business website

your business is like an islandEverywhere you turn, whether it’s networking, shows, events, phone calls to prospects… they all want to see your website!

Having a website is an essential marketing tool that your potential customers and suppliers can check you out on before they do business with you. It’s your virtual stall, where you lay out your wares for everyone to see.

Let your ideal customers find you online

Your website shows people you are a proper business owner who can be trusted and more importantly worth the fees you ask for.

Let’s face it, you can’t be taken seriously without a website. And a poorly designed website is even worse than no website!

You want a simple website that explains who you are, what problems you solve and for who.

Simple and uncomplicated.

A well designed website is easy to navigate, find out more what you do and is easy for people to contact you. Unlike social media, it’s a platform that you own and have total control over so you can show off your knowledge and position yourself as the expert. It needs to cater for prospects who are interested but ‘aren’t ready yet’, so that when they are ready, you are the only choice.

You need our Simple Website Package

Who is this for

You need a simple website for your business that:-

  • tells visitors who you are, who you serve and what you do for them
  • is the base for your blog articles
  • has lead capture
  • is search engine optimised
  • is mobile device friendly
  • has social sharing capabilities
  • can easily be upgraded in the future (for ecommerce, landing pages, membership site etc)

The Simple Website Package Content Outline

  • Set up a dedicated WordPress website
  • Install and configure a pro theme from or
  • Install and configure security plugins to prevent hacking, email skimming & spam commenting
  • Install and configure SEO, google analytics & social sharing plugins
  • Create up to 5 pages (e.g. home, about, services, contact, blog)

What’s included

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Editing/formatting images to be correct size for web purposes
  • SEO

What we expect you to provide

  • All copy and images
  • Design guidance (could be some websites you like to take inspiration from or a design visual if you have one).


from £750

A selection of websites I’ve built

Gail Morgan StyleGinger Mash ServicesThe Cracked Pot Flower BoutiqueHealthy Income
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Freebie Sign Ups and Lead Magnets

Let’s face it, nobody signs up to newsletters anymore. A regular newsletter sign up isn’t as enticing as a free (and valuable) give-away. Instead, offer a high value gift. Sometimes it’s known as a freeb goody, free thing, ethical bribe or a lead magnet. Essentially it is very useful information that will solve a particular pain or problem for your potential client. It takes the form of a PDF or video.

Here’s why it’s good to provide a freebie sign up:

  1. It’s useful to the prospective lead
  2. It shows off your knowledge
  3. You’re positioned as the go-to expert in your field
  4. The prospective lead gives you their contact details
  5. You know they’re interested in what you do and open to receiving more information from you.

Lead Nurture Email Sequence

Take the welcome email up another level with a lead nurture sequence of emails. A set of 6 emails that get released automatically following sign up, specifically written to help the new lead get to know like and trust you in a low pressure/non-salesy way. We will provide the structure, you fill in the blanks if you don’t know what to say.

Online Diary Booking Set Up

Save too’ing and fro’ing trying to get an initial phone call booked in your diary by using a diary management tool called Acuity that syncs with your Google Calendar. You can block of time that is specifically for initial free consultations, client/paid consultations etc. You and the customer gets an email reminder of the time, and you can get a heads up of their enquiry with a short simple on-boarding form.

Additional Costs – Online Calendar booking system – $10/month

Membership sites

Turn your knowledge into an online training course with a membership site that handles payments, registrations, drip fed content, email reminders, all done automatically and worry-free, leaving you free to create more content and work with your delegates in your VIP club.


Selling online isn’t just for physical products. You can sell digital products too, low-cost/high volume as well as high-cost/low volume. Depending on your goals, I’ll give you the most suitable e-commerce solution that allow you to easily add more products and grow as your business grows.


Other stuff you need to know

  1. Websites are a living entity. You need to keep it live with regular new content so that Google knows to keep visiting and rank you in search results. One way of doing this is to blog regularly (and we can help you with that too)
  2. WordPress developers are continually updating their software to improve security and tackle hackers as well as improve the user-interface, therefore after the build you will see updates available in the backend. It’s important to keep the site updated to thwart the efforts of hackers. However, it’s also important to back up your site before doing updates in case the update breaks. I’ve done a video on how to do this, but you can also get us to look after this.


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