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Discover what web tools you need that will help you get more clients, that are easy to use AND won't break the bank!

(hint - most are low cost and some are even FREE!) 

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If you're a coach and tech school drop out…

You are a brilliant coach. You know that because your clients tell you that. You also know that there's so many more clients to reach and you know the internet can help you reach them. 

But how?! 

You’ve been trying to crack this interweb thing called ‘online marketing’. You’ve probably paid a lot of money for online marketing courses and programmes. 

You know you need systems for your membership sites, online marketing, FB ads, lead funnels, email marketing (to name a few). 

But here’s where you get stuck. You just don’t know what they’re talking about! Your eyes glaze over every time you start to watch their how-to videos. 

The tech speak is so confusing and you feel frustrated and helpless because everybody else seems to ‘get’ it. You’re a technophobe and not afraid to admit it. 

It's frustrating because you know you need these systems in place and working, but it's not happened yet. If only someone could make it super easy and spell out exactly what tools you need.

You're in luck, because that's what I have created.

Confused by web tech tools

What's included:

  • Tool #1: will help you get your message out there (without you having to be 'on it' every day).
  • Tool #2: a really cool and simple way to create something useful for your prospects to download (and you get their contact details)
  • Tool #3: a simple easy way to offer your free useful thing (hint it's not your website)
  • Tool #4: a tool that will collect and store the contact details of those signing up to your free useful something (and sent them it without you having to do it manually)
  • Tool #5: the tool to hang out your offerings in the interweb space to make it super easy for prospects to buy from you

Who am I?

I'm Vee Smith and I'm a wiz with web tech tools and making them connect together and work seamlessly. 

I work with coaches, consultants and trainers creating internet marketing strategies and setting up websites, automated lead funnels and online marketing systems. 

I've been doing this for a long time! My brain is wired differently from yours. I love figuring out tech and ways to best use web tools to streamline processes and getting it to work seamlessly with marketing strategies, nurturing, selling and delivering online programmes and taking care of customers, as well as making sure it looks good!

Vee Smith - The Biz Tech Wiz

What they say about working with Vee

Gail Morgan

"Vee Smith helps me with a lot of my online marketing activities. For a reformed technophobe like me and she's been able to translate my ideas into actions! I’ve been able to grow my business and win more clients thanks to her expertise.”- Gail Morgan - The Image Trainer

Leila Hardy

"I wanted to set up a lead funnel with webinars and email marketing and Facebook ads and it took months of muddling through trying to figure it out myself, but basically getting nowhere, which was costing me time, money and energy. Vee understood exactly what I wanted to do and helped me get clear on exactly the steps I needed to do to get all the web tools working properly so my potential customers got a streamlined flow of communications. I just wish I had got her on board much sooner then I wouldn’t have wasted so many months!” Leila Hardy - Soulful Long Term Weight Loss Strategist for Women

Linda Barbour

“What a relief that I found Vee. She is professional and organised and above all knowledgeable. I didn’t really understand what I needed, but she did. She also knew what I didn’t need which saved me a lot of money. She understands how things connect together and has simplified and streamlined my online systems. The work she has done for me since has saved me loads of time and stress!! An absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you.” Linda Barbour - Calm Counsellor and Coach

Vee Smith

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