If tech is stressing you out

If tech is stressing you out, then let me and my team take care of your web tech worries so you can focus on what you do best in your business

“What a relief that I found Vee. She is professional and organised and above all knowledgeable. I didn’t really understand what I needed, but she did. She also knew what I didn’t need which saved me a lot of money. Vee understands how things connect together and has simplified and streamlined my online systems. The work she has done for me since has been to a very high standard and has saved me loads of time and stress!! She is very efficient and works quickly. An absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you.”

Linda Barbour – Calm Counsellor and Coach

confused business ownerYou are a non-techie successful coach, consultant or trainer

You are passionate about helping your clients improve themselves and achieve their dreams. You also want to bring in more money by creating some online programmes for your consultancy business and break out of the time for money trap.

Stressing about the tech?

You’ve been trying to crack this interweb thing called ‘online marketing’ but the tech is stressing you out.

You’ve probably paid a lot of money for online marketing courses and programmes. You know you need systems for your membership sites, online marketing, FB ads, lead funnels, email marketing (to name a few). But here’s where you get stuck.

You just don’t know what they’re talking about! There are so many tools to learn to use and get working together seamlessly – GotoWebinar, LeadpagesYouTube, Vimeo, Acuity,  Constant ContactMailChimp, Aweber, WordPress, PayPal are just a few of the tools that the gurus are telling you that you need. Your eyes glaze over every time you start to watch their how-to videos.

The tech speak is so confusing and you feel frustrated and helpless because everybody else seems to ‘get’ it.

You’re a non-techie and not afraid to admit it. It’s frustrating because you know you need these systems in place and working.

You’ve lost count of the number of online programmes you’ve bought to teach you how to grow your business online. All the information and training is there, just waiting for you to go through it. You know you need to. But it’s not happening.

You feel frustrated, out of control and just plain fed up!

I wanted to set up a lead funnel with webinars and email marketing and Facebook ads and it took months of muddling through trying to figure it out myself, but basically getting nowhere, which was costing me time, money and energy. Vee understood exactly what I wanted to do and helped me get clear on exactly the steps I needed to do to get all the web tools working properly so my potential customers got a streamlined flow of communications. I got her to implement the plan too and I can’t believe how quickly she got everything set up. Vee even suggested great improvements that I hadn’t thought of, making my services much more efficient for the long term!  I just wish I had got her on board much sooner then I wouldn’t have wasted so many months!”

Leila Hardy –Soulful Long Term Weight Loss Strategist for Women

sign upThe good news is you don’t have to be techie to grow your business online!

I’m the Biz Tech Wiz

About Vee Smith - The Biz Tech WizYou can be more focused AND have more time

Working with me means that instead of wasting time learning about frustrating tech tools, you can focus on creating the content for your products without worrying about the techie set up stuff because I’m taking care of that.

I’m a wiz at taming web tech tools and getting systems and processes set up for promoting and selling your products and services online. I’m also the founder of The Biz Tech Team, which helps non-techie business owners and entrepreneurs save huge amounts of time.

I know that tech tools can help you build websites, online programmes and products which can provide an additional income stream for you and ultimately make you more money because that’s what I do for clients like you.

Don’t waste time on what you hate

I know that you don’t want to waste time or money figuring out the best techie tool that will deliver your programme in a style that suits you. You don’t even want to spend hours working out how to use them. You don’t want to waste precious funds on expensive tech tools that you don’t need either. You really want to get on with creating products and promoting them and sharing your knowledge and building up that additional income stream. That’s what excites you.

Figuring out the techie stuff doesn’t excite you at all.

And that’s fine, because I understand the needs of trainers, coaches and consultants. I know what systems and tools to use that make selling online programmes and products a breeze. I’ve tried out hundreds of programmes and tools and am constantly researching new ones so you don’t have to.

happy clientYou Are a Creator Star

You’re the one who loves to get out there, be in the limelight and work with clients helping them achieve their goals to make monumental shifts. You are passionate about what you do and enjoy seeing your clients get results. You are doing your thing – the thing you set up in business to do.

Your Thing is NOT Tech!

When you’re faced with tech, your eyes glaze over and your brain shuts down. Your brain just isn’t wired to do tech! With all the best will in the world, it doesn’t matter how explicitly instructions are laid out in front of you, what format they’re presented in… tech just doesn’t compute in your head.

Options for Non-Techies

There’s 3 options available to you:

  1. Knuckle down and force yourself to learn those programmes you bought (hint – it ain’t happened yet….!)
  2. Get someone to sit with you, live and show you in an interactive way, so they can correct you and answer your questions as you go along; or,
  3. Get someone to do it for you (that’s what the gurus who sold you the programme will tell you anyway!)

The Trouble with Outsourcing

‘Outsource to a VA’ is what they’ll tell you. But first of all you’ve got to find a VA who’s got the skills to do this (there aren’t many about – I know this because that’s the trouble I have recruiting for my Biz Tech Team!). Then IF you do find a VA who is competent in web tools, they most likely don’t understand how internet marketing works, and certainly won’t be familiar with the programme you want them to implement (because most VAs don’t invest in themselves or online marketing programmes so they just don’t know). They need exact instructions for what you want them to do, because otherwise they won’t know what to do. As you don’t know what to do, because you’ve yet to watch those darn videos in that programme you bought, you’re still stuck!

That’s Why You Need The Biz Tech Wiz to Step In

Vee Smith The Biz Tech WizI’m Vee Smith and I’m a wiz with web tech tools. I work with non-techie female business owners who feel stress, anxiety and overwhelm when they think about their websites, lead magnets and email nurturing systems. I take the stress, anxiety and overwhelm away by taking care of setting up their web tech tools and websites so they can focus on what they do best and not worry about the tech stuff.

My brain is wired differently from yours. I love figuring out tech and ways to best use web tools to streamline processes (you can read about my journey here). I enjoy connecting systems together so that attracting and converting clients, delivering online programmes and taking care of customers work seamlessly. And of course making sure it looks good!

What it’s Like Having Me in Your Control Room

Biz Tech Simplicity PlanImagine being able to tap into my knowledge of web tech tools and best practice in online marketing strategy. You would save hours of frustration searching and figuring out the best way to use them.  You will free up precious time so you can do more of what you want to do. Your web tech headaches will disappear, which means you will feel less stressed and more in control of your time and life. You’ll be able to accelerate your business and income to the next level and beyond.

While you’re out there being brilliant at your thing, I’m taking care of your control room; setting up the right tools and button pressing; ensuring that the signals being broadcast attract the right prospects to you; guiding them through systems and processes and securing them as your loyal customers. I’m getting that programme you bought set up and implemented for you.

Whilst I’m fixing, tweaking and taking care of the systems and processes, my clients feel looked after and professionally supported. They feel their businesses run and look more professional, which means they can attract more ideal clients and opportunities to earn more money.

How do I work

You can benefit from my experiences, learnings and testings.

  • I listen to your ideas of what you want to create, what you’ve got already and where you’re stuck: everything from ebook, ecourse, webinars to websites and membership sites
  • I find the best tools that will work for you based on what you want to deliver, how technical (or not) it can be, and your budget
  • I set the techie tools up
  • I show you how, step by step, recorded so you can rinse and repeat or pass on to your virtual assistant.

Keep It Simple

My approach is Keep It Simple. You won’t waste time or money on tools that aren’t right for your business when a simpler and cheaper solution exists.

The services I provide will free your mind and give you time to focus on the creative stuff that you’re passionate about. You pay a one-off fee for my services and that’s it. In return I’ll provide you with the right tools, set them up and show you how they work so your online programme or product becomes a reality and you can start earning an additional income stream from it.

It starts with an initial (free) 30 minute Web Tech Strategy Call, where I’ll review your online marketing activities. By the end of our 30 minute call (which is free) you’ll have (at least) 3 actions that you can take away to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing. You can either do them yourself or get me and my team to do it for you. Oh, and did I mention, it’s free? So there’s no risk to you.

The next stage might be to have me prepare a Biz Tech Simplicity Plan. With this plan you’ll have a much clearer idea of what to do, what tools you need (and therefore don’t need). You can either implement the plan yourself, delegate it to your team or my team – it’s up to you.

You might then get me and my team to set up your Simple Business Website, Email Marketing, social media or Facebook Ads. It might be a mix of some or all of them. It could be you just want me to take charge of your online marketing systems and set up that programme you bought.

Or maybe you want to Pick Vee’s Brains and learn to do websites and online marketing yourself, in which case start off with my Business Website Building Course.

What next

Ready to accelerate your business to the next level, get rid of tech headaches and gain more freedom? Claim your free 30 minute Web Tech Clarity Call with me.



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