I’ve started my business on a shoestring budget

I just started my businessYou’ve just started your business – woohoo! Congratulations! Exciting times ahead! You’re on a steep learning curve and everything is new! And what better way to learn than to learn from those that have gone before you and learnt from their mistakes, so you don’t have to make those same mistakes! Especially as you’ve got limited funds, so you absolutely want to be sure your tight budget is spent wisely so you can start seeing some money coming in, which means you’ll have more to invest to get bigger and better sooner.

What luck that you’ve found me at the start of your entrepreneurial journey!

Vee Smith The Biz Tech WizI’m Vee Smith, The Biz Tech Wiz and I’m a wiz with web tech tools and online marketing strategies. I help entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses by showing them how to set up and take care of their websites and online marketing so they can grow their business and earn more money. You’ll be certain that you’re not wasting time with trial and error or searching for solutions that may or may not give you the answers you need, which means you save time and get to your goals much quicker.

So that you can get to know me a little better, and to save you time, I’ve put together the best stuff most relevant to you and your business at the stage you’re at now, starting a new business with limited funds.

Here’s 4 inspirational articles to give you a head start

Essential business tools Attracting and nurturing leads the smart way Learning to trust let go and waterski Pricing strategies for start ups


Here’s my best freebie for you

Online Marketing Toolkit – The top 5 tools and resources you need for profitable online marketing that don’t cost the earth (hint: most are low cost, some are even FREE!)

Ready to kickstart your business?

You’ve probably realised that with limited funds you’re going to have to learn how to do a lot of the work yourself. Things like learning online marketing strategies, building websites and email marketing.

So here are some low cost online courses I put together that will help you get your marketing efforts off the ground in the quickest possible way. Which means you can start earning enough that you then are in a position to be able to choose to outsource (or not).

10 Days to Set Up Your Automated Online Lead Gathering and Nurture System

Build your first business website in 10 simple steps

Not sure what to do first?

Take me up on a FREE 30 minute online marketing consultation.

Set up a time and I’ll review your business and where you’ve got so far. By the end of our 30 minute call (which is free) you’ll have (at least) 3 actions that you can take away to kickstart or improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.

And of course, after I’ve helped you put together your actions you may decide you want my help, or of course if you decide to go it alone that’s cool too. Either way you’ll have some actions to implement.

Not ready yet?

That’s ok. After all, we’ve only just met! So here’s an idea… I write a weekly blog where I share lots of useful tips on business, online marketing, my observations about what is working (and not). Put your name and email in the box below and I’ll make sure you get the weekly emails (or a monthly digest if you prefer).

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