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I don't want to be a technophobe anymoreYou don’t want to be a technophobe anymore and who can blame you! Nothing beats the feeling of being able to accomplish something you thought impossible to start with.

You’re fed up of sifting through countless resources out there and only to discover you need a masters degree in deciphering the tech head speak!

If only there was someone who understands and uses the web tools all the time who could also explain it in easy to understand way that doesn’t make you feel stupid. How many frustrating days would that save you, huh?

Here’s the good news: you’ve found me!

Vee Smith The Biz Tech WizI’m Vee Smith, The Biz Tech Wiz and I’m a wiz with web tech tools and I help entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses by showing them how to set up and take care of their websites and online marketing so they can grow their business and earn more money. You’ll be certain that you’re not wasting time with trial and error and searching for solutions that may or may not give you the answers you need, which means you save time and get to your online goals much quicker.

So that you can get to know me a little better, and to save you time, I’ve put together the best stuff most relevant to you and your business.

Here’s 3 short-burst how-to videos

…and a how-to article to start you off with that I think you’ll find useful particularly if you’ve been trying to go alone already.

are you giving away webspace to your competitors Trimming selfie videos are your newsletters mobile friendly Four different ways to deliver information products


Here’s my best freebie for you

5 Simple Ways to Generate More Leads and Sales from your Website

Ready to kick technophobia in the gut?

Here are some programmes that I think will be most appropriate for you

Build your first business website in 10 simple steps (go VIP if you want 121 screenshare help from me)

Guided DIY – have me help you master any online marketing programmes you’ve already bought.

And if there’s something more specific you want to pick my brains about, then head on over here...

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