Web Tech Stress-Free Zone

If you’re a small business owner stressing over your website, lead magnets and online marketing tools, then you’re in the right place. I’m Vee Smith – The Biz Tech Wiz and I’m a wiz with web tech tools. I can take care of your web tech worries so you can focus on creating wonderful services and packages to grow your business further.

Web tech stress free zoneYou are passionate about helping your clients improve themselves and achieve their dreams. You also want to bring in more money by creating some online programmes for your consultancy business and break out of the time for money trap. You’ve spent time and money on courses and business coaches learning about how to deliver the perfect ebook, e-course and webinar. You’ve also spent more time than you want to, trying to figure out the technology that makes it happen.

Stressing about the tech?

Instead of doing the fun bit of creating programmes and products, you’re stressing about the tech. There are so many tools to learn to use and get working together seamlessly – GotoWebinar, LeadpagesYouTube, Vimeo, Acuity,  Constant ContactMailChimp, DripAweber, WordPress, PayPal are just a few of the tools that the gurus are telling you that you need. But what if normally anything unfamiliar pops up on your computer it scares and overwhelms you? Despite assurances that the tools are easy to use, you’re terrified in case one wrong click destroys everything you’ve created!

You feel frustrated, out of control and just plain fed up!

sign upThe good news is you don’t have to be techie to grow your business online!

‘She’s speedy Vee super Smith.  Great value for a creative tangled, visionary  mind like mine – She’s my tech super heroine.’ – Elizabeth Calderara

I’m the Biz Tech Wiz

I’m Vee Smith and I’m a wiz at taming web tech tools and getting systems and processes set up for promoting and selling your products and services online. I’m also the founder of The Biz Tech Team (formerly My Super VA), which helps non-techie business owners and entrepreneurs save huge amounts of time.

I know that tech tools can help you build websites, online programmes and products which can provide an additional income stream for you and ultimately make you more money because that’s what I do for clients like you.

Don’t waste time on what you hate

I know that you don’t want to waste time or money figuring out the best techie tool that will deliver your programme in a style that suits you. You don’t even want to spend hours working out how to use them. You don’t want to waste precious funds on expensive tech tools that you don’t need either. You really want to get on with creating products and promoting them and sharing your knowledge and building up that additional income stream. That’s what excites you.

Figuring out the techie stuff doesn’t excite you at all.

And that’s fine, because I understand the needs of trainers, coaches and consultants. I know what systems and tools to use that make selling online programmes and products a breeze. I’ve tried out hundreds of programmes and tools and am constantly researching new ones so you don’t have to.

You can benefit from my experiences, learnings and testings.

  • I listen to what online product you want to create, what you’ve got already and where you’re stuck: everything from ebook, ecourse, webinars to websites and membership sites
  • I find the best tools that will work for you based on what you want to deliver, how technical (or not) it can be, and your budget
  • I set the techie tools up
  • I show you how, step by step, recorded so you can rinse and repeat or pass on to your virtual assistant.

Keep It Simple

My approach is Keep It Simple. You won’t waste time or money on tools that aren’t right for your business when a simpler and cheaper solution exists.

The services I provide will free your mind and give you time to focus on the creative stuff that you’re passionate about. You pay a one-off fee for my services and that’s it. In return I’ll provide you with the right tools, set them up and show you how they work so your online programme or product becomes a reality and you can start earning an additional income stream from it.

You can be more focused AND have more time

Working with me means that instead of wasting time learning about frustrating tech tools, you can focus on creating the content for your products without worrying about the techie set up stuff because I’m taking care of that.

Who am I?

Vee SmithIn brief:

  • I am a wiz at tech
  • I am open, honest and hands on
  • I am born and bred in London and live on the outskirts of London in Egham, Surrey (UK) with my two nearly-adult and just-about-adult daughters plus my partner Andy.
  • I love simplifying the seemingly complicated
  • I’m half Danish and half Goan, which means I have an all-year tan, speak a bit of Danish and love eating pork and Anton Berg marzipan.
  • I believe streamlined processes and procedures are the key to a successful business
  • Occasionally I tread the boards for my local Amdram society
  • I love tech and figuring out how best it can help me and my clients
  • I’m an Authorised Local Expert for Constant Contact
  • I’m also trained in Facebook Ads

The full version:

I first realised that systems and processes were important when I worked as a PA at my last company, an engineering holding company, for the Boss from Hell.

Within a few weeks of me working for him the Boss from Hell turned into the nicest Cake-Buying Boss who always wished you good morning. This was when I realised that his personality change from grumpy to pleasant was down to my putting into place practical systems and processes that supported his busy workload.

While I was there, I also got to set up the company’s flagship website when the internet was in its infancy. I created and streamline a heap of group-wide processes which had to pass the Trevor Broadberry test – If Trevor could understand the instructions then anyone could!

10 years later the company finished its Exit Plan and I launched my virtual assistant business, The Biz Tech Team (formerly My Super VA) in January 2006.

My officeWithin my first year I achieved my 5 year financial target. Quite quickly I had a new problem. There wasn’t enough of me to go around with all the new clients I was taking on!

That’s when I started recruiting associates and growing a team. I trained them up to do what I did. WordPress came along and I soon got up to speed and transferred all the websites I’d created to this new platform.

I was getting clients through referrals and building them websites and doing email marketing for them and setting up online booking systems for their events and webinars.

I’ve made it my mission to stay abreast of tech tools (because I just love how they make stuff simple). People starting picking my brains about their marketing strategies as well as what tools to use (and which are a waste of time) and how best to use them which is how I got the name The Biz Tech Wiz.

Vee Smith is Constant Contact Local Expert AuthorisedAt the beginning of 2015, I was invited to join Constant Contact’s Authorised Local Expert team and I’ve been sent by them to deliver talks at various events about online marketing as well as the benefits of using Constant Contact’s tool for digital marketing.

I’ve been helping clients grow their businesses with setting up websites, membership sites, online shopping sites, making sure they’re found by Google, and getting people to visit with social media, bringing them back with free goodies, sign ups, auto email nurturing sequences and email newsletter campaigns.

What customers have said: 

“Vee has been helping on a range of tasks and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs technical and admin support.” – Angus – Customeyes

“I am much more efficient, my profile has raised considerably, and I actually have more free time to do the things I want to do. As to value for money, I genuinely couldn’t put a price on how this service has freed me up to do the really important things.” – Adam – Group Dynamics

“I am not very techy, and it is so reassuring to feel that Vee knows what she is doing to help me with my websites and information marketing products. You feel confident that you are in good hands.” – Rachel – Energise

What next?

Well, firstly thank you for visiting my website and congratulations for reading through to the bottom of this page!

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