The TOP 5 TOOLS AND RESOURCES you need for PROFITABLE ONLINE MARKETING - that don't cost the earth AND are simple to use! (most are low cost and some are even FREE!)


What kind of business owner are you?

I don't want to be a technophobe anymore
Show me how to use web tech tools

You don’t want to be a technophobe anymore and who can blame you! Nothing beats the feeling of being able to accomplish something you thought

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I'm busy making a difference
I’m completely non-techie and just want to delegate

You may be a non-techie, but there’s a good reason! You’re good at what you do. In fact your clients rely on your brilliance and you’ve realised

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I just started my business
I’ve started my business on a shoestring budget

You’ve just started your business – woohoo! Congratulations! Exciting times ahead! You’re on a steep learning curve and everything is new! And what better way

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If you’re a tech school drop out…

You’ve been trying to crack this interweb thing called ‘online marketing’. You’ve probably paid a lot of money for online marketing courses and programmes. You know you need systems for your membership sites, online marketing, FB ads, lead funnels, email marketing (to name a few). But here’s where you get stuck. You just don’t know what they’re talking about! Your eyes glaze over every time you start to watch their how-to videos. The tech speak is so confusing and you feel frustrated and helpless because everybody else seems to ‘get’ it. You’re not a techie and not afraid to admit it. It's frustrating because you know you need these systems in place and working, but it's not happened yet.

Vee Smith The Biz Tech Wiz

If tech is stressing you out

I'm Vee Smith and I'm a wiz with web tech tools. I work with non-techie female business owners who feel stress, anxiety and overwhelm when they think about their websites, lead magnets and email nurturing systems. I take the stress, anxiety and overwhelm away by taking care of setting up their web tech tools and websites so they can focus on what they do best and not worry about the tech stuff. My brain is wired differently from yours. I love figuring out tech and ways to best use web tools to streamline processes. I enjoy connecting systems together so that attracting and converting clients, delivering online programmes and taking care of customers work seamlessly. And of course making sure it looks good!

My credentials


Some tools that I use all the time

  • Wordpress
  • GoToWebinar
  • Leadpages
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact Certified

Free 30 minute Web Tech Clarity Call

What if I could give you a head start to getting your business online so you could start seeing results right away? Set up a time and we’ll get on a call (Skype or phone) and I’ll ask you more details so I have a better understanding of what you need and whether my services are right for you and if they are, how I can help you.


What they say

Louise Coultas-Pitman
The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

Louise Coultas-Pitman - The Cracked Pot Flower BoutiqueI enjoy working with Vee because I’m confident that she has the knowledge and knows what she’s talking about. My technical knowledge has increased since working with Vee, but I also know my limitations and what I’m capable of, so if something is going to take me a while and I’m busy, then it’s a comfort to know I can email Vee and it gets done.

My business runs smoother now and I’m not stressing about tech stuff. I no longer close off ideas because I don’t know how the tech might work. I know I can run it by Vee and she’ll have a solution to make it work.

Working with Vee has been a positive learning experience. Not only did she and her team do stuff for me, but they taught me tech stuff and as a result I’ve got a really good website and online marketing funnel that works well.”

Louise Coultas-Pitman, The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

Philippa Aldridge logo
Philippa Aldridge
The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

Philippa Aldridge FitnessWorking with Vee’s team has been easy and made my workload so much less.

Before I would spend hours trying to do Facebook ads and my newsletter in Constant Contact. It just didn’t come naturally to me and so I would put it off when it needed to be done.

Now I have a weekly newsletter sent out like clockwork; Facebook ads that run smoothly, generating a constant flow of new leads for my fitness classes and far more time to do the things I am good at.

My business is far more efficient and I am far less stressed!

Philippa Aldridge, Philippa Aldridge Fitness

Beez Kneez Hive
Vicky Warr
The Beez Kneez Hive

Vicky Warr“I approached Vee because I wanted to grow my business by making better use of email marketing. With Vee’s help, I now have regular and consistent communication with my list, an improved look and feel newsletter template that reflects my brand, a cleaner list and improved open rates. I also know what are my most popular topics with my readers. Vee’s also improved my email nurture sequence response rate for my lead magnet. Her in depth review of my site has meant that my offering is now much clearer.

Vee has a very methodical proactive approach and formulates an excellent plan. Combined with her excellent customer care and attention to detail, Vee relieved a lot of the actions I needed to take to grow my business via email marketing.

Vicky Warr –The Beez Kneez, exercise and healthy eating for pregnancy and post baby

Gail Morgan
The Image Trainer

Gail Morgan circle“Vee Smith and her team help me with a lot of my online marketing activities. For a reformed technophobe like me and they’ve been able to translate my ideas into actions! 

I’ve been able to grow my business and win more clients thanks to their expertise. Vee and her team are knowledgeable, efficient and have really helped me with my website, sending email newsletters and managing my digital marketing.

If you need technical support with your online marketing but don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then get in touch with Vee”

Gail Morgan – Study in Style/The Image Trainer

Lucinda Mash
Ginger Mash

Lucinda Mash of Ginger Mash“Working with you has given me an amazing website, more confidence in what I am doing and complete trust in what you were suggesting. I have also learnt you can be bold with colours etc!

You got what I was looking for and I knew you would just take it on and get it done. You also spent the time understanding what I did and didn’t like. 

I liked that you were straight forward/talking, got on with it and delivered in the timescale. Very professional and creative. You know what you are doing and are clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable and a complete joy to work with

Lucinda Mash –

Leila Hardy
Health & Wellness Coach

I just wish I had got her on board much sooner then I wouldn’t have wasted so many months!I wanted to set up a lead funnel with webinars and email marketing and Facebook ads and it took months of muddling through trying to figure it out myself, but basically getting nowhere, which was costing me time, money and energy. Vee understood exactly what I wanted to do and helped me get clear on exactly the steps I needed to do to get all the web tools working properly so my potential customers got a streamlined flow of communications. I got her to implement the plan too and I can’t believe how quickly she got everything set up. Vee even suggested great improvements that I hadn’t thought of, making my services much more efficient for the long term!  I just wish I had got her on board much sooner then I wouldn’t have wasted so many months!”

Leila Hardy –Soulful Long Term Weight Loss Strategist for Women

Laura Muir

Laura Muir Be Your Own Dog Trainer“I found the Biz Website Course incredibly useful and really couldn’t have built my website without it. The one-to-ones, especially, were invaluable. I had chosen quite a complex theme for my site but Vee’s knowledge of WordPress meant that any query or problem I had, I could run by her in the one-to-one sessions or via the Facebook group. I was constantly amazed at all the little tricks she knew. She really is a WordPress whiz but at the same time explains everything so clearly. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who needs help setting up their business website.”

Laura Muir –

Carole Ann Rice
life coach

Carole Ann Rice“I can trust Vee to take over tasks in a highly efficient way. I feel that my business runs smoothly and professionally in a way that I would be unable to do without her support. She takes away my headaches and everything I can’t do, so my time is freed up. I feel looked after and professionally supported.”

Carole Ann Rice – Real Coaching Co

Geraldine Gallacher

Geraldine Gallacher“Vee’s newsletters and advice always make me take note and when you ask for her help she is very resourceful and supportive.”

Geraldine Gallacher – MD of ECC

Linda Barbour
Calm Counsellor and Coach

Linda Barbour circ“What a relief that I found Vee. She is professional and organised and above all knowledgeable. I didn’t really understand what I needed, but she did. She also knew what I didn’t need which saved me a lot of money. The initial plan was straightforward and simple for me to follow. She understands how things connect together and has simplified and streamlined my online systems. The work she has done for me since has been to a very high standard and has saved me loads of time and stress!! She is very efficient and works quickly. An absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you.”

Linda Barbour – Calm Counsellor and Coach

Adam May
Group Dynamics

Adam May circ“I am much more efficient, my profile has raised considerably, and I actually have more free time to do the things I want to do. As to value for money, I genuinely couldn’t put a price on how Vee has freed me up to do the really important things.”

Adam May – Group Dynamics

Tracy Pickles
iGlobal Group

Tracy Pickles“I knew email marketing had a key role in attracting new customers and setting up an automated prospecting pipeline process for my business and I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately Vee Smith helped me achieve my goals by setting up our email systems and providing invaluable guidance on making our email content more effective. The feedback from our clients has been very good and I have already recommended her services to my team who want to duplicate the same systems. If you run a small business and need someone technically knowledgeable to help you streamline your online marketing and communications systems then get in touch with Vee”

Tracy Pickles – iGlobal Group –

Patrick Burke

Patrick-Burke-multiple-sclerosis-speaker“Since working with Vee, I have a much better understanding of my website and how to use WordPress. Vee is one of those rare people, totally trustworthy, completely reliable and sprinkle that with a good dusting of generosity.”

Patrick Burke – Aid 4 Disabled

Sandy Hearn
Virtual PA

Sandy Hearn“I am not at all creative when it comes to design and a complete technophobe like the technical jargon of websites! My brief to Vee was for a ‘classic and professional site, with no photographs of office staff’.  I was blown away by what she produced, I loved it! Just last week I had an email from someone I do not know complimenting me on how professional my site was – she had discovered it when doing some research. I felt incredibly proud and that’s all down to Vee. I can’t thank you enough for your creating me a fabulous site that I am completely thrilled to call ‘mine’ and it certainly lives up to my business name Elite, thank you so very much.

Sandy Hearn – Elite PA Solutions

Human Driven Business
Suzanne Bourner
Human Driven Business

Human Driven Business“Vee is very well informed on all the web tech tools I need to consider for my business and it’s reassuring that I have someone to ask. Vee has done research on so many of the tools that I can trust her verdict on anything tech! She’s given me personalised help and training in Constant Contact and best practice in email marketing as well as tips on updating and maintaining my WordPress website”

Suzanne Bourner – Human Driven Business

Nina Davis Behatted
Nina Davis
Bespoke Hat Maker

Nina Davis BehattedThank you also for the Biz Tech Simplicity Plan

It’s made everything we talked about so much clearer largely because of the easy-to-read way it was laid out and explained. It takes a real expert to make complex things sound doable and easy to follow. Your advice about the nuts and bolts of a well-functioning website made perfect sense and I will definitely follow it.

I am a great fan of colour coding and you used it so well to highlight the step-by-step approach you suggested I take to create a solid e-commerce system for my fledgling business.”

Nina Davis – Behatted London

Rachel Brushfield
Energise Legal

Rachel Brushfield“Vee is a technological and on-line mastermind. I am not very techy, and it is so reassuring to feel that she knows what she is doing to help me with my websites and information marketing products. She is not a pointy head techy either, but very human. She is down to earth and technologically competent. I feel confident that you are in good hands.”

Rachel Brushfield – Energise Legal

Hannen Beith
Business Consultant

HannenBeith-cir“I needed a website for my consultancy business to attract new clients. I’d never used a service like this before, however Vee Smith asked all the right questions and made the whole process painless. Her team were helpful and efficient to work with, built a great website on time and within the agreed budget. If you’re a start-up or an SME looking to grow your business with web technology, I can wholly recommend using Vee Smith and her team as they are easy to work with and good value for money.”

Hannen Beith – Perfect Solutions Oxford Ltd

commpartnership circle
Rob McRae-Adams
Integrated Neurological Services a novice in the web development field and with no real experience I felt, personally, at a great disadvantage working with a professional in the field. We were on a very tight schedule to develop a web site from scratch and I was on a very steep learning curve.

As a result of working with Vee and her team we quickly got the web site designed and constructed following our own layout concept. Vee has also offered ongoing support and advice in managing the site and often helped us at short notice.

Working with a professional who may only talk in jargon was a worry – we didn’t need to worry at all. Vee and her team made the experience of developing our web site simple, easy to understand and jargon free. The Skype support/training was most helpful and really made learning easy. She kept it simple and made it work.

Working with Vee was both professional and painless. Everything was kept to schedule and Vee supported us in every step towards launching our web sites.

Rob McRae-Adams – Locality Manager/Comms Officer
Integrated Neurological Services
Carol Christmas
Energise LL Club

LLClub-300-cir“Vee and her team have created a fabulous new website promoting our new brand and service which exceeded our expectations and stayed within budget. Stats show that people spend a good amount of time browsing as well as downloading our free information product. It was an enjoyable process where I felt well-informed as to progress and why things needed to be done in a particular way to achieve such a polished product and I would happily recommend.”

Carol Christmas – Energise

Some of my work

Here's some real live examples of websites and landing pages I've created

Gail Morgan Style

Online Marketing support for Gail Morgan, Style Expert

3 websites with lead magnets, e-commerce and membership sites for Gail Morgan
Ginger Mash Services

Website Revamp for Ginger Mash Services

new website with a lead magnet for Ginger Mash Services
The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique

E-commerce site for The Cracked Pot

online flower shop for The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique
cardinal buses

Website for Cardinal Buses

website design and build for Cardinal Buses
mummy tummy kickstart

Increase engagement for Vicky Warr

Lead Magnet to grow the list for Vicky Warr, Beez Kneez

Leadpages for BU4Life

Lead magnet, Facebook ad creation and management to grow the list and conversions for Leila...
Healthy Income

Website for Claire Cotton May of Healthy Income

Website, email marketing, Facebook and other tech support for Claire Cotton-May, Healthy Income
see my work

See my work

Click here to see more websites and lead magnets that I've created